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New registrations August 2012: These are the sales dwarfs

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New registrations August 2012
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O b you are now at the beginning or at the end of a queue, depends crucially on the point of view. Models that are at the very bottom of the registration statistics may be seen by some as a sales flop. But it can also be interpreted in such a way that the particularly exclusive cars are collected at the lower end of the KBA approval table. We took a closer look at the 50 models on this side of the mainstream.

Ssangyong ensures exclusivity

Tell your neighbor You're driving a Cadillac and it's sure to be amazed. If you then tell him how rare this is in this country, his jaw will drop. Only 37 CTS have been approved in Germany so far in 2012; one was added in August. In the Cadillac CTS you are more exclusive than in the Lamborghini Gallardo.

You will also attract looks when you pull up in one of the rare Subaru Impreza. Besides you, only 128 other new car owners in Germany currently have this prestige.

Owning a new Citroen C6 also ensures exclusivity. Only 50 new car buyers decided on the great French in 2012. A Ferrari FF with already 90 new registrations looks almost mass-produced.

And when the neighbor asks: 'What kind of a guy is that, I've never seen one like that?', Then you sit down maybe in one of the rare Ssangyong Rexton cars that are only cruising our streets in an edition of 42 copies.

The 50 models that rank at the lower end of the registration statistics can be seen in our photo show.


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