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New registrations August 2012: SUVs, darlings of the nation

Hans-Dieter Seufert
New SUV registrations August 2012
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3 4,759 SUVs /off-road vehicles received for the first time in August an indicator - the segment is 22.4 percent above August 2011. Only the Minis achieved a greater increase in the reporting month with an increase of 33.0 percent. Also in the plus, the large vans and the mobile homes. The upper middle class, the sports cars and the compact class have in some cases double-digit minus values.

In August, the VW Tiguan (3,419 registrations), the Audi Q3 (2,685) took the first three places in the off-road vehicle category. and the Mercedes GLK (2,193). At the very bottom of the registration statistics are Ssangyong Rexton (3), Infiniti EX30D (5) and the Cadillac Escalade (6).

New off-road vehicle registrations: German premium with difficulties

And also between Top and flop, light and shadow spread equally. There are major setbacks, especially for expensive, German premium SUVs. BMW X5, Mercedes ML and VW Touareg have to cope with almost halved sales figures compared to the previous month; the success-spoiled big ships Audi Q7 and BMW X6 were even overtaken in August by the oldie Suzuki Jimny, which has been available since 1998. Even the industry leader VW Tiguan probably had a summer break in August: around 2,000 fewer units were newly registered.

Newcomers to the off-road vehicle segment such as the Mazda CX-5 can establish themselves in 17th place. The Subaru XV came in 27th and the first 104 Opel Mokka were registered. However, 100 percent of them go back to commercial owners, i.e. Opel dealers.


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