New registrations April 2017: Flop 50

New registrations April 2017
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A at the bottom of the new registration statistics, an illustrious group of luxury limousines meets every month , Sports cars, niche models and other exotic vehicles. Those who wanted to be there in April 2017 were not allowed to include more than 98 new registrations in the statistics.

Models such as the Tesla Model X, the Alfa Romeo Stelvio and the BMW 6 series secured entry into this elite club or the Combo from Opel.

Aventador as mass-produced goods

Mercedes was able to bring just as many models of the noble roadster SL to customers as Fiat did of the Fiorino small van. Opel seems to have hidden Antara models somewhere and was able to sell 47 of them in April. At Lada, the new Vesta has already accelerated the Granta, but the old Russian star Lada Niva /Taiga remains unreachable.

ads.Posterad /irelements /esielement /eyJwYWdlIjoiL3N0YXJ0c2VpdGUvIiwiZWxlbWVudCI6ImFkcy5Qb3N0ZXJhZCIsInBhcmFtcyI6e30sImlzTW9iaCHE=> Have you ever seen - Morgan - TW9iaW9iaWxlIzjpm=4=CAWxlIzjpm>=CAWxlI4! After all, the British sell the oldie in this country three times more than Chevrolet from the Corvette (9: 3). A Lamborghini Aventador (33) went over the counter ten times more often than the US athlete in April - because of exclusive luxury super sports cars. You have to look around for a BMW i8 - only 25 of them found their way onto German roads.

Note: The registration statistics are the official information from the Federal Motor Transport Authority in Flensburg. The division into the respective classes is carried out by the manufacturer using a key number. The statistics can also show models that are not available on the German market or that are no longer being built. This peculiarity can occur with the KBA statistics if e.g. foreign vehicles are registered in Germany for the first time or vehicles have a new ID number. received.

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