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New registrations 2010 :: A terrible year is coming to an end

New registrations 2010 - winners & losers
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I n a total of 263,000 new vehicles were registered in December, an increase of 9.2 percent compared to the same month last year and a decrease of 11.3 percent compared to November 2010. The rate of 230,371 new registrations for cars was up 6.9 percent on the same month last year, but 12.2 percent below the previous month.

New car registrations: 2010 closed with a minus of 23.4 percent

The year 2010 closed with 2,916,260 new car registrations - 23.4 percent worse than the 2009 environmental bonus year .374.227 vehicle a license plate for the first time, the minus compared to the previous year is 20.4 percent for all vehicles.

CO2 emissions are falling, diesel share is increasing

According to the Federal Motor Transport Authority, despite The trend towards larger vehicles has reduced CO2 emissions to 151.7 grams per kilometer. In 2009 it was 154.2 grams per kilometer. The diesel share rose to 41.9 percent (30.7 percent). The private share of new registrations averaged 41.9 percent in 2010.

Only a few brands were able to close the year positively with new registrations. Land Rover leads the small round with an increase of 30.6 percent. Followed by Jaguar (8.8 percent), Porsche (6.0 percent) and BMW (3.4 percent). You can find the other results in our photo show.

SUVs and sports cars are booming with new registrations in 2010

As the office further reports, SUVs and off-road vehicles are clearly on the advance. Every tenth new registration in 2010 was in this vehicle segment (plus 20.6 percent). The sports car segment made an even bigger leap, however, with an increase of 22.1 percent. By the way: white cars were registered very often in 2010. Their share is 11.5 percent (2010: 9.8 percent).

The used car market was positive in 2010

In contrast to the new car market, the used car market was positive in 2010. In December, 510,630 vehicles were given a new owner (plus 2.2 percent). Used cars brought 471,581 ownership changes in December, an increase of 3.8 percent. In 2010 as a whole, 6,431,846 cars were given a new owner (plus 7.0 percent). A total of 7,309,544 changes in ownership for all vehicles meant an increase of 6.1 percent.


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