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New regional vehicle classes in 2016: one in five classified better

New regional vehicle classes 2016
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B As in previous years, there are particularly low ratings for drivers in Brandenburg, Schleswig-Holstein, Lower Saxony and Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania, while high regional classes apply above all in large cities and in parts of Bavaria. The registration district of Prignitz in Brandenburg has the best damage balance nationwide in motor vehicle liability insurance, while Berlin has the highest damage balance.

Few changes in The comprehensive insurance

There are only a few changes in comprehensive insurance: For almost 90 percent of those with full or partial comprehensive insurance, everything remains the same. The Wesermarsch in Lower Saxony achieved the best loss balance in fully comprehensive insurance, and in the partial comprehensive insurance the M√ľnster /Westphalia approval district. The GDV statisticians calculated the highest loss balance in full and partially comprehensive insurance for the Ostallg√§u district in Bavaria.

The regional classes for the total of 415 German registration districts are published once a year by GDV. There are regional classes for motor vehicle liability insurance as well as for fully and partially comprehensive insurance. They reflect the claims balance of the regions.

In motor vehicle liability insurance, the regional class is influenced by the driving behavior of the drivers in the registration area. The number of damage they cause is taken into account, based on the number of vehicles registered there and the average amount of damage. Accident black spots can, for example, lead to an above-average number of claims. The comprehensive insurance also includes the theft frequency, storm and hail damage and the number of accidents involving animals.

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