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New racing seat from Recaro: perfect fit thanks to rails

New racing seat from Recaro
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E There are always inventions that make you wonder why no one had thought of it before. An adjustable racing bucket seat is one of these. The rigid position of the shell is particularly annoying in long-distance races when several drivers share a car. Due to their fixed screw connection to the body, it would take much too long to adjust the seat in a race, which is why the pilots have to agree on a compromise in advance.

Problems when changing drivers

Attempts to alleviate the problem when changing drivers by using foam cushions that you have brought with you not only look down-and-out in the high-tech environment of many racing series, they are also dangerous. Because if you don't sit in, but only on the shell, you are giving away a large part of the safety reserves. In the event of serious accidents, the seat acts as the last resort, with the side bolsters securing the driver's head, shoulders and pelvis.

For the new P 1300 GT racing shell, Recaro offers a rigid adapter for a fixed screw connection with which the seat can be adjusted by 130 millimeters in length and three degrees in inclination within seconds. In addition, it is the first racing seat ever to meet the new Fia standard 8862-2009, according to which seats have to withstand almost four times as high forces as before.

Adjustable and yet more stable

The P 1300 GT turned out to be so stable that you could get at the ends of its Two Audi A6s could hang on the top side walls without breaking. This is to ensure the survival of the driver even in a collision at high speed on hard barriers.

It is not surprising that the adjustable rail can withstand the high forces when you know its origin. In a related form, it is used for sliding back seats in good vans or SUVs like the BMW-X5, where it has to cope with the weight of up to three passengers in the event of an accident. The Recaro engineers at the development center in Kaiserslautern (see photo show) therefore only had to adapt them to the racing use.

Rail fits into all vehicles

Because the rail is attached to the side of the racing seat, the shell can be installed just as deep as with a rigid adapter. After all, nobody in racing wouldaccept if the center of gravity of the vehicle shifts upwards due to the high accommodation of the driver. Thanks to its narrow design, the rail can also be installed in all vehicles in which the racing seat fits.

With prices of 5,645 euros for the seat and 575 euros for the rail, safety and comfort come at a price. After all, the new FIA standard has homologated it for ten years instead of the previous five years.

The development of a seat

In the Recaro development center in Kaiserslautern, 280 of a total of 350 engineers worldwide work on optimizing racing and production seats. Since 2010 Recaro has been part of the American supplier Johnson Control, which manufactures around 30 percent of all car seats required worldwide (80 million pieces). With 150,000 copies, the Recaro share seems negligibly small, however, the sports seats belong to the luxury class and are accordingly more expensive. While basic seats for small cars cost just 150 euros to buy, the noble armchairs from Recaro cost between 800 and 1,000 euros each.


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