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New Opel Astra cheaper than the Golf: base price set at 17,260 euros

Thorsten Weigl /Opel
New Opel Astra cheaper than the Golf
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D amit is the fifth astra Generation only slightly more expensive than the current basic version at 16,990 euros. In terms of entry-level price, the Astra is still below the Golf; VW is currently offering it for 17,650 euros in the basic version.

Opel Astra even with moderate surcharges

Thanks to the stable price and better equipment, Opel is particularly hoping against its rivals VW Golf and Ford Focus points and additional market share. The new car is between 120 and 200 kilograms lighter than the previous generation, depending on the equipment. The body shell alone is now 20 percent lighter, according to Opel, and weighs only 280 kilograms. High-strength and ultra-high-strength lightweight steels, compact subframes and lighter front and rear axles were used, which alone should correspond to savings of 50 kilograms.

Opel wants to set standards with the simple integration of smartphones into the vehicle electronics via voice command, with the new Intellilux lighting system with matrix technology and many other extras. Apparently, Opel also wants to keep the surcharge list in check. The new lighting system, which promises to detect obstacles earlier and not dazzle them, will only cost 1,150 euros extra.


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