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New Nissan logo (2020): sleeker and more modern

New Nissan logo (2020)
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I m over the years, Nissan has rarely changed its logo - and when it does, it has done so in very subtle ways. The last variant of the 'hamburger', as the emblem is jokingly called, especially in the USA, was used for about 20 years. But now there is a new brand logo - and for their standards the Japanese have turned it inside out.

2D instead of 3D - and without chrome

Nissan's new logo is very reduced and in 2D - instead of a 3D look; the chrome rim is omitted. The colors have also been abandoned in favor of a black and white look. Instead of the lettering enclosed in a circle, only two arcs form the frame around the brand name. A similar reduction in brand presence recently had VW and BMW shown.

Patent Office
The new Nissan logo is two-dimensional.

At first it was still unknown whether the new emblem was only for the brand presence on- and used offline - for example at exhibition stands or on websites; that's how BMW handles it with its new logo. But the new Ariya ( here all information about this electric SUV ) answers the question clearly: It is the first Nissan model to bear the new logo, in the front grille it is shown with arches and illuminated by a total of 20 LEDs Lettering. And for this purpose - unlike in the digital world - it has a 3D appearance.

Multi-year design process

As early as 2017, Nissan designer Alfonso Albaisa began to define a new brand logo must look like -and came up with the catchphrase 'thin, light and flexible'. A design team led by Tsutomu Matsuo drew inspiration from science, technology and connectivity and submitted several sketches before the design was finally approved.

It debuted together with the new electric SUV Ariya.

In the end it was up much to consider. In the case of electric cars like the Ariya, the logo should always be illuminated, whereby all registration regulations must be observed. At the same time, the logo must make a strong impression when it is not illuminated and appears digitally or on paper, for example. It should radiate presence on a letterhead as well as on a car dealership. And finally, the requirement was to make certain digital and video applications appear 'alive' by shifting or pulsing.

The Z logo is also being revised

The Japanese had already met in March Have your new logo protected by various patent offices under the number 2017351 in 2020. It had previously been seen on the steering wheel and front of the Nissan Ariya Concept. The study at that time was presented at the Tokyo Motor Show 2019 and transferred almost 1: 1 to the production car by Nissan.

Patent Office
The retro Z could be seen on the new Nissan 400Z.

Furthermore, Nissan has the Z - Have the design protected again. Instead of going into the modern age, the Nissan Z goes back in time and presents itself with serifs in a retro look. The Z looks similar on the Datsun 240Z or later 260 and 280Z. The retro Zwould suit the successor to the 370Z, which will also quote styling elements from legendary Z models. In 2021 we should then see the new old Z on the steering wheel of the Nissan 400Z (see photo show).


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