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New New York taxis: Nissan wins taxi casting

New New York Taxis
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D as Karsab Cab from the Turkish commercial vehicle manufacturer, a Nissan van and a Ford Transit Connect. The New Yorkers were able to decide for themselves which of these models will populate the streets of New York from 2014 onwards; an online vote was held to win $ 5,000 - of course as a taxi voucher.

That New York taxi of the future has Japanese genes and is manufactured in Mexico. The Nissan NV 200 prevailed in the choice of the future New York taxi. However, in the medium term the Taxi Commission has said goodbye to the originally envisaged electric drive. The Nissan NV200 fleet will carry a two-liter four-cylinder gasoline engine of conventional design under the hood when it drives up to 600,000 passengers every day through the city of millions. At the same time, Nissan wants to test six Leaf electric models in a large-scale taxi trial in New York. The taxi monopoly for the Japanese should last ten years, then a new election will take place.

Here again a portrait of the finalists:

Kazan Cab - a futuristic concept

However, the manufacturers do not provide any further technical information about the three models. The futuristic Karsan Cab is certainly the biggest eye-catcher. The Turkish commercial vehicle manufacturer, which also produces Citroen, Fiat, Hyundai and Peugeot models under license, is sending a narrow van into the race that offers space for four passengers. The driver's cell is separated from the passenger compartment, there is also space for luggage, which could also be stowed behind the row of three seats. In the interior, various displays keep passengers up to date about tariffs, sights, etc.

Nissan NV 200 - realistic taxi study

The second model in the race is the Nissan, which is based on the NV 200. The large van comes with sliding doors and also offers space for four passengers, with one fellow passenger having to take a seat next to the driver. In the Nissan, too, a screen provides passengers with all the necessary information on route, tariff, etc. The luggage is stowed in the large trunk.

Ford Transit Connect - as an e-model already on the US market from 2012

As the third in the group, Ford is in the taxi Casting represented. The US brand is already providing a taxi icon in New York with the Ford Victoria Crown. From 2014 onwards, the taxi of the future should be a Transit Connect. Also with sliding doorsprovided, this model is also designed for up to four passengers. The model was recently announced for the US market as an electric version with a range of 80 miles.


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