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New Motor Klassik magazine: 1 Ferrari 250 SWB or 450 Alfa Bertone

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E in Ferrari 250 SWB costs around 12 in good condition Millions of euros - for that you would get a whole parking garage full of Alfa Romeo 2000 GTVs. 450 Alfas compared to a Ferrari - a not very common comparison. Nevertheless, we dared and compare 5 dream classics with 5 alternatives that also offer a lot of driving fun at a fraction of the cost - and maybe even more.

There is also a lot of car for the money with the Mercedes W140. We name 5 reasons why you should buy an S-Class now - ideally the top model S600.

Motor Klassik 03/2015 will be on the kiosk from February 11, 2015 - with these topics:

Cover story in Motor Klassik 03/2015

Dream classics and inexpensive alternatives: Same character, different price level - some classics are quite affordable in reality not that far from the automotive dreams.

Driving reports in Motor Klassik 03/2015

Ferrari 250 SWB and Alfa Bertone : If you don't have the 11 million for a Ferrari 250 GT SWB right now - how about an Alfa 2000 GT Veloce for around 25,000 euros, for example? With purchase advice.

Bugatti 37 and Amilcar CS: For most pre-war drivers, a Bugatti 37 is one of the absolute dream cars. Try an Amilcar!

Ford Mustang and Ford Taunus Coupé: Okay, V6 versus V8 is unfair. The Ford Taunus Coupé can cruise in style at least as well as the Mustang. With purchase advice.

Aston Martin DB6 and Triumph GT6: Noble British sporting spirit is evident not only in the Aston Martin DB6, but also in the slightly cheaper Triumph GT6.

Porsche 356 Cabrio and VW Beetle Cabrio: Those who do not value dynamism and prestige can choose an open VW Beetle instead of the Porsche 356 Cabrio.

The dear relatives - Frazer Nash BMW 327/328 and Bristol 400: The sporty pre-war BMW genes have spread over time and space. In addition to the offshoots EMW, Veritas and AFM, Frazer Nash and Bristol in particular benefited from the talents of the 327 and 328.

Magazine in Motor Klassik 03/2015

Five reasons to buy a Mercedes-Benz from the W140 series now - The best sedan in the world: The W140-S-Class drove this claimfrom Mercedes to the extreme. So much so that at first it seemed like a caricature to some. Today the W140 has long been rehabilitated.

Clear the way! - Portrait of Manfred Appel: The slot cars of the Carrera Universal racetracks are coveted collector's items and, like the great role models, are sometimes sold at high prices. A visit to the Carrera specialist Manfred 'Katsche' Appel.

The talented Mr. McCormick - visiting a classic dealer in California: There are over 500 classic cars in Keith McCormick's yard - A spontaneous visit to the classic dealer and auctioneer in Palm Springs, California.

Above the clouds - home route: In the Opel Kadett GT /E through the Westerwald: You can still dream. In the wild youth, fantasies revolved around cars like the Opel Kadett GT /E and, because the Col de Turini was far away, rural roads in the Westerwald. You just have to be patient, then some dreams will come true.

How to become a screwdriver - Instructions for screwing yourself: The right tool. If you want to screw, you need tools. But purchasing it requires a certain amount of experience. Laypeople should seek advice from experts before they set out to create a large and inexpensive tool arsenal.

Technology in Motor Klassik 03/2015

Fresh cell treatment for a Golf GTI restoration VW Golf I GTI: The Swiss Matthias Schär had been looking for a VW Golf I GTI for a long time. By chance he came across a specimen that could be restored with reasonable effort.

No cheap pleasure - Alfa Romeo 916 (Spider and GTV) in the service station: The 1994 Alfa Spider and GTV presented today offer an affordable entry into the Alfa world. But buying cheap doesn't mean driving cheap, as the maintenance costs show.

Sport in Motor Klassik 03/2015

Winter wonderland - Winter Trail 2015 in Norway: Plenty of snow and ice made for the toughest edition of the Winter Trial, which has been held since 2001. The rally for classics built up to 1979 failed many favorites and ended with a big surprise.

On new paths - Top City Classic Rally Beijing and Shanghai: New in the event calendar: the two Top City Classic rallies in Beijing and Shanghai. Self-test in the Morris Minor Pickup and in the VW Rally Beetle 1302 S.

DSK-Nachrichten - News from the Deutscher Sportfahrerkreis eV

FHR News - News from the driver association Historischer Rennsport Deutschland eV in ADAC

Cars in Motor Klassik 03/2015

  • Alfa Romeo 2000 GTV 'Bertone'
  • Alfa Romeo Spider /GTV (916 series)
  • Amilcar CS
  • Aston Martin DB6
  • Bristol 400
  • Bugatti37
  • Chevrolet Suburban
  • Ferrari 250 SWB
  • Ford Mustang
  • Ford Taunus Coupé
  • Frazer Nash BMW 327 /328
  • Mercedes-Benz S600 (W140)
  • Mercedes 240 D (W123)
  • Opel Kadett GT /E
  • Porsche 356 Cabrio
  • Triumph GT6
  • VW Golf GTI
  • VW Beetle Cabrio


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