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New Kia Picanto (2017): information, data, prices market launch

Guido ten Brink /SB-Median
New Kia Picanto (2017) equipment, price, pictures
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The new Kia Picanto is getting more dynamic and bigger. The wheelbase of the small car has increased by 15 mm to now 2.40 meters. At the same time, the front overhang becomes shorter and the rear overhang longer. The total length remains unchanged at 3,595 mm. The new proportions should make the Kia Picanto look more dynamic. The extended wheelbase should create more space in the interior.

Wolfgang Groeger -Meier
Comfortable and a rarity in the small car class: The new optional center armrest in the Kia Picanto.

When the new Picanto is presented for the first time, Kia will of course show the best-equipped version called 'GT Line'. There was no GT line in the previous generation. And this highest equipment line brings with it 16-inch wheels (the entry-level version has 14-inch wheels), the largest Picanto wheels that have ever existed. In the third generation of the Picanto, the GT line also means an independent honeycomb look front grille with red color accents in the honeycombs, independent fog lights with a reflector in sunbeam optics, a color application that extends over the entire side sill and a brisk right out of the large rear diffuser looking double tailpipe. At the front there is another flat black area: behind it sits the radar for the autonomous one, which is now available for the first time on the PicantoEmergency braking system.

Wolfgang Groeger-Meier
Big things Cinema: The huge and lavishly illuminated make-up mirror on the driver's side. There is no mirror lighting on the passenger side.

Not only are the buttons for the seat heating in the center console in front of the gear lever, but also the button for the steering wheel heating - it would also have fit on the easy-to-grip multifunction steering wheel. The navigation screen is now at the very top, protruding over the dashboard. Ergonomically, this is perfect and thanks to its sleek, angular shape and the piano lacquer applications, the screen doesn't look bad at all. In addition, the infotainment system generally supports Android Auto and Apple Carplay. Of course it willThe hard plastic, which is unavoidable in this car class, is found extensively in the door panels and on the dashboard - but a clever grain makes this optically rather unpopular material look more than tolerable. And on the inner door handles there are really modern, chic lacquer applications.

Theater mirrors

Also new are very large mirrors on the inside of the sun visors. On the passenger side, the mirror has to do without its own lighting, but on the driver's side there is complete theater glamor: the mirror is illuminated from the right and left as well as from its entire underside. If you look further down, you will discover the charging compartment for inductive charging of your mobile phone deep in the center console - provided that your mobile phone is capable of this charging technology. Even further down, the stainless steel pedals gleam out of the darkness of the footwell - these are also included in the GT line and make the small car footwell really neat.

The all-round view goes to the front and to the sides Tidy, it is a little constricted towards the rear because of the wide C-pillars and the small rear window. This is where the reversing camera helps, which can be ordered individually, but is also always on board if the Picanto has a navigation device on board. From the third quarter of 2017, the navigation system will also ensure that the Picanto has an impressive shark fin antenna on its roof for the first time. The variants without sat-nav continue to drive with a classic rod antenna.

Also as a five-seater

The second row can now be occupied by three people, although the optional middle seat is probably an emergency solution for spontaneous passengers Rides will be. Like all Picanto seats, the middle seat in the rear is also equipped with an adjustable headrest. The head of the 1.88-meter man still has room in the back and the headrest, which can be pulled out high, protects him from behind. It only gets tight for the legs, so compromises are called for with the person in front. In terms of seating comfort, the Picanto rear seat is very comfortable and rather soft.

Kia is proud of the Picanto's significantly enlarged trunk - and rightly so: the rear compartment grew from 200 to 255 liters and thus to largest trunk in the small car class. The trick: now there is a double trunk floor. The upper floor can simply be pulled back a little using a loop, then it slides 14.5 centimeters down and provides additional storage space. A stepless trunk floor is only created with the help of the 60/40 split backrest when the trunk floor is in its upper position. The Picanto can swallow 1,010 liters of luggage with the backrest folded down.

For steering and chassis, Kia promises a revision towards more precision and firmness - our first driving report will beshow how serious Kia is with dynamics.

Wolfgang Groeger-Meier
'Visually fresh with an enlarged interior with almost identical external dimensions compared to its predecessor: The new Kia Picanto is really fun even when it is stationary. The trunk, which has grown from 200 to 255 liters, is also great. ', says editor Gregor Hebermehl.

Picanto has the X-Line more ground clearance and, for the first time, the turbo gasoline engine with 100 hp under the hood. Market launch is in the fourth quarter of 2017.

The new Kia Picanto can be seen live for the first time at the Geneva Motor Show from March 9th to 19th 2017. Sales will start in the second quarter of 2017, the price list starts at 9,990 euros for the Picanto 1.0 Attract. The basic model has six airbags, a radio with USB connection and a light sensor as standard. A seven-year guarantee is also standard.

Special model saves 2,390 euros

The new special edition Edition 7 Emotion also costs 9,990 euros, but that comes with additional equipment: air conditioning, seat and steering wheel heating and Bluetooth are standard. The special model saves 2,390 euros compared to the regular price list. The promotional model is limited and, as an alternative to the basic 67-cylinder three-cylinder, also available with an 84 hp petrol engine.

Further equipment lines are Edition 7, Spirit and the GT Line. A knee airbag is standard from Spirit, while an autonomous emergency brake assistant costs extra. The surcharges list includes a navigation system with a 7-inch screen and Connected Service, a heated leather steering wheel, cruise control, parking aid at the rear and LED daytime running lights and taillights. Smartphones can be charged inductively for a surcharge and connected via Apple Carplay or Android Auto. The top model is the X-Line in a crossover look with a 100 hp turbo gasoline engine.


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