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New Junior Opel: Eisenach about to receive a new production order

New junior Opel
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'Market launch will be in early 2013.' Eisenach apparently has no chance of building the planned mini SUV based on the Corsa. 'Since we will close our plant in Antwerp at the end of the year, we have decided to produce this model outside of Europe from 2012.' However, details are not yet clear.

Opel is planning new models

Opel does not only want to bring new models to the market in the small car segment, but also above the current top model Insignia. 'An Omega successor is on my wish list,' confirmed Reilly. However, Opel initially set other priorities and wanted only occupy further segments. 'At the end of 2012 /beginning of 2013 we will bring a coupé and a convertible. Completely new cars that are positioned between the Astra and Insignia in size.' Reilly can also envision a revival of legendary Opel names such as Manta and Calibra. In addition to the planned mini-SUV and the Antara off-road vehicle, Opel is considering 'offering a third, large SUV in 2014/2015,' said Reilly. 'The decision here still depends on the alternative drive concepts available by then.'

Electric scooters are conceivable

Even entering the market for electric scooters is possible, according to Reilly . 'In our advance development, research is carried out in many directions, these are very creative colleagues. Electric two-wheelers are also one of the innovations we are thinking about.' Most recently, Smart and BMW announced the development of e-scooters, which are to be presented at the Paris Motor Show.

The cooperation with Suzuki will allow Opel to expire. Reilly: 'It is very unlikely that we will also design the next Agila generation with Suzuki. Instead, we are planning an internal solution. And we have a good alternative with an existing vehicle architecture, among other things.'


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