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New jobs at Mann + Hummel: Auto supplier creates 1,000 new jobs

New jobs at Mann + Hummel
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'We will reach the limit of two billion euros in sales this year With that we are generating higher revenues than before the crisis and ever before in the company's history, 'said the company boss. But: 'The speed of growth that has been seen this year will slow down.'

New jobs mainly abroad

In the next few months Weber will not go away either many more new hires. 'In the course of the year there could then be another slight increase in the workforce.' In the current year, one fifth of the 1,000 new employees were hired in booming China. In Germany, however, only 80 new jobs were created. The supplier had previously cut a good 600 jobs in the crisis year 2009, around 250 of them in Germany. The filter specialist currently employs around 13,000 people worldwide.

The situation in Europe and the USA is still difficult. 'In South America, especially in Brazil, things are going very well for us. In 2011 we will see significant growth rates in Asia as well.' The filter specialist's most important market is currently Europe, where Mann + Hummel generates around 60 percent of its sales. 'That will change slightly next year, because our share in Asia and America will grow.'

The Ludwigsburg-based company currently generates less than 20 percent of its revenues in Asia; . 'A good basis for us was that we set the course during the crisis and opened two new locations in China this year,' said Weber. The three locations in the country are a good basis for Mann + Hummel.

The company boss also sees a lot of potential in India. 'As a market, India offers opportunities similar to China. However, in terms of the legal framework, it is certainly somewhat slower than a centrally controlled country like China,' said Weber. 'The upswing here could be more continuous and slower, step by step over a longer period of time.' Mann + Hummel currently has one location in the country and plans to open another in 2011.


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