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  • New issue: Motor Klassik 12/2012: About dream cars and dream jobs

New issue: Motor Klassik 12/2012: About dream cars and dream jobs

Motor Klassik
New issue: Motor Klassik 12/2012
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Cover story Motor Klassik 12/2012

  • I would have that like in my garage! Seven dream cars from 7,500 to 300,000 euros: If we could do what we wanted, we'd all have a whole car park full of cars. One might still work - seven editors tell you which classic they would like to put in their own garage. With purchase advice.
  • Au Backe - will that be expensive? Service costs cheaper dream car: W he can resist that: Sometimes cars that once cost a small fortune become downright ridiculous a few years later low prices offered. But interested parties should find out in advance what they are getting into when buying - otherwise a fiasco would be programmed.

Driving reports in Motor Klassik 12/2012

  • Rough shell, new core - Jaguar XK 120 OTS: Warning! This Jaguar XK 140 is a blender. Under the patinated body with the worn company emblem, everything is new or refurbished in perfect showroom condition. New trend or the whimsy of an individualist?
  • The old test: The safe individualist - Saab 99: The cars of the aircraft manufacturer Saab impress with their bizarre touch. The four-stroke prototypes 96 and 99 are aerodynamically shaped front-wheel drive cars - solidly built, durable and practical in everyday life. The Type 99 is a bold step into the middle class, which it justifies with a high level of design effort, says ams tester Manfred Jantke.
  • Cars that you won't forget (72) - Klaus Westrup on the Peugeot 504 L: the gentle one. Klaus Westrup has been writing about cars in auto motor und sport for 40 years. For Motor Klassik, he leafed through his old notebook and remembers, this time the 504 L, an economy version in the Peugeot middle class.

Magazine in Motor Klassik 12/2012

  • The job of my life - oldtimer and job: A hobby - for most of them, oldtiming will remain a leisure time, an affair of the heart, carried out with the family, Friends or in a club. Others earn their living with old cars, have either turned their hobby into a profession or somehow ended up in this scene as a career changer - like the eight people presented by Motor Klassik.
  • Instructions for use for Cologne andDüsseldorf - The city break: Here Alaaf and Kölsch, there Helau and Alt: There is a healthy rivalry between Cologne and Düsseldorf - even when it comes to who has more to offer their visitors. Motor Klassik editor Michael Schröder has now looked around for the highlights for classic fans in the two Rhenish metropolises and in the surrounding area.
  • Photos that tell stories - Motor Klassik reader photos: Historical recordings exude a fascination that you can hardly escape. Now always in Motor Klassik: photos from readers for readers.

Technology in Motor Klassik 12/2012

  • Retirement - restoration of BMW 326: 'The Lothar has a new old-timer again,' they say when the BMW 326 rolls around on its first tour through Schauenburg near Kassel. Sure, almost everyone in this small town knows Lothar Scherb. At least those who own a car, because Scherb managed the local Esso petrol station from 1966, which he later added with a workshop and paint shop. In 2003 he left the management of the company to his children and retired to the older workshop area to restore vintage cars.
  • Motor Klassik-Lexikon. Topic 1: Develop a maintenance plan - So that a classic car runs reliably and no maintenance work is forgotten, you have to plan accordingly. Topic 2: Handling tires - What you should know about your classic car's tires and how to treat them so that they don't age prematurely.
  • Major project - service station (71) Ferrari Testarossa: Testarossa means red head, and this is what owners of the Ferrari of the same name get when they see the numbers on some bills. This cannot be completely avoided, but professional maintenance can keep costs down.

Sport in Motor Klassik 12/2012

  • Full throttle out - Mercedes-Benz 500 SL Rallye: Mercedes signed the world champions Röhrl /Geistdörfer, four rally cars were ready for the Monte - then suddenly the end. Motor Klassik goes on a memory tour with the 500 SL.
  • Steep lean - oval race in Oerlikon: A 100-year-old cycle race track in Zurich's Oerlikon district brings US Indy 500 once a year Flair in the middle of Europe.


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