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New issue Motor Klassik 08/2015: The best all-wheel drive sports cars

Motor Klassik
New issue Motor Klassik 08/2015
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Cover story in Motor Klassik 08/2015

4 in a row - Audi Quattro and Porsche 911 Carrera 4: With the Quattro, Audi has always challenged the 911 scene to dance, especially with the 220 hp 20V. His favorite opponent: the Carrera 4, the first 911 with all-wheel drive. F ahrbericht plus purchase advice.

Driving reports in Motor Klassik 08/2015

Big cinema - BMW 2000 tii, Ford 20 M, Mercedes 230, NSU Ro 80 & Opel Commodore: In The year of the revolution, 1968, there was a spectacular auto motor und sport comparison test with five prestige cars. We made a remake of this street sweeper. With purchase advice.

American Graffiti - Facel Vega HK 500 & Jensen Interceptor: Large US V8s in European luxury cars were once a tried and tested combination. Two prominent representatives of this species are Facel Vega HK 500 and Jensen Interceptor. With purchase advice.

Puppies from Wolfsburg - VW Polo I, VW Polo II & VW Polo G40: Volkswagen is celebrating its 40th birthday during the Sachsen Classic of the VW Polo. A few copies will be at the start. We are therefore introducing the three most interesting series, telling their story and stepping on the gas.

Three generations of MG in comparison - MG TF, MGA & MGB: One (classic- ) World without these three models? Difficult to imagine - because an MG TF, an MGA and an MGB have significantly shaped the roadster scene. With purchase advice.

Magazine in Motor Klassik 08/2015

Alfa animals - three Spider friends: The Spider from Alfa Romeo has welded three Allg├Ąu people together for 30 years: Harald Bader, Peter Schmid and Manfred Jehle meet regularly with their cars, although it has taken them to distant countries.

Financing - oldtimers on credit? Not paying for a vintage car with the money you have can make perfect sense - be it to get a bargain To strike, to conserve liquidity or to enjoy tax advantages.

Concorso d'Eleganza Villa d'Este: The official motto was the 70s, connoisseurs celebrated above allItalian sports car of the 50s. The vintage era was neglected - not at Motor Klassik .

Technology topics in Motor Klassik 08/2015

Project with surprises - Triumph TR6 restoration: Roland Gerich from Upper Bavaria is an enthusiastic mechanic. In 2011 he went looking for a British roadster in need of restoration. He came across a dismantled '73 Triumph TR6, which the previous owner had already tried his hand at, but without finishing the project.

Attractive & inexpensive - Fiat Barchetta in the service station: /strong> The Fiat Barchetta came onto the market 20 years ago. In the meantime, it has achieved youngtimer status and is in good condition with manageable maintenance costs.

Sport in Motor Klassik 08/2015

German- French friendship - Paul Pietsch Classic: For the first time, the participants of the Paul Pietsch Classic crossed the Rhine from the Black Forest and explored Alsace - the Autostadt from Wolfsburg sent some well-chosen Franco-German vehicle pairings to match.

Preview of the 10th Classic Days at Schloss Dyck: The motor festival for the whole family around the picturesque moated castle Dyck in the Rhineland is starting for the tenth time on the first weekend in August 2015 - with many guests of honor and a program of superlatives.

The OGP of the East - ADAC Sachsenring Classic: In just two years, the ADAC Sachsenring Classic has developed into one of the most important classic events. The historic cars are also well received by the predominantly motorcycle-enthusiastic audience - despite the small number of starters.

Anniversary at Rossfeld - 50 years of Formula Vau: The Formula Vee crowd raged 50 years ago as self-promotion on the Rossfeld mountain slope near Berchtesgaden. It was one of the first appearances of the new formula in Germany.

All cars in Motor Klassik 08/2015

  • Alfa Romeo Spider
  • Audi Quattro
  • BMW 2000 tii
  • Facel Vega HK 500
  • Fiat Barchetta
  • Ford 20M XL 2300 S
  • Jensen Interceptor
  • Mercedes 230 (W114)
  • MG TF
  • MGA
  • MGB
  • NSU Ro 80
  • Opel Commodore A
  • Porsche Carrera 4
  • Triumph TR6
  • VW Polo I
  • VW Polo II
  • VW Polo G40


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