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New hotel chain b & # 39; mine offers rooms with balcony parking lot

New hotel chain b'mine
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I In late summer 2019, a new hotel is to be opened in Düsseldorf to be opened. So far that is not necessarily newsworthy, especially not on a site like this one. But it gets interesting when you look at the special orientation of the hostel.

The b'mine Hotel in Düsseldorf will be the first of ten planned houses in which guests will (almost) take their cars into their rooms can take. 26 of the 202 guest rooms planned in the new building complex will be equipped with a private CarLoggia, a balcony for the car.

The car goes up in the elevator

A lift brings the car and passengers to the room.

Booking and check -in should be done completely digitally. So you already know your room number when you arrive on site. Light strips on the floor in front of the hotel show the driver the way to the car elevator that is suitable for him. There the car is stopped and you stay seated. The vehicle and passengers are lifted by the CarLift and brought to the corresponding floor, where the loggia in front of the corresponding room is controlled directly.

Car fans can enjoy the view of their moving vehicle from the hotel room. But for purely pragmatic reasons, one of the rooms with CarLoggia can be chosen. There is no need to search for a parking space, and the way to the parked car is as short as possible. So you don't have to look for your own car the next day and you are independent of the weather. In addition, electric cars can be charged directly in the room, so a free charging station is guaranteed with the room booking. The check-out can also be done completely digitally, so that you can get into the car directly from the room. The elevator goes to the ground floor and the ride cango ahead.

The second hotel will follow at the end of 2020

Broadband internet and the highest possible cellular coverage should be guaranteed throughout the building. This means that all hotel services can also be processed using a smartphone with a digital chatbot. Personnel for personal contact should continue to be on site.

The second location for a b'mine hotel is the financial metropolis of Frankfurt am Main. The opening is planned here at the end of 2020, and here, too, car elevators should make the difference to other hotels.


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