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New Honda Insight (2018): data, information, market launch, price

Honda Insight (2018)
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H onda already had a great deal at the Detroit Motor Show with one near-series prototypes given an outlook on the third generation of the hybrid compact model Insight. With the generation change, the philosophy changes again - the new Honda Insight, which is due to come as a 2019 model in 2018, will be a compact notchback sedan in the style of the current Civic. The first generation came as a futuristically drawn three-door, the second generation relied on a five-door hatchback in the style of the Toyota Prius, which should comfortably accommodate 5 passengers. In addition, the rear seat can be folded down in parts, creating plenty of storage space.

At the front, the coupé-like shape is characterized by LED headlights and a new wing-shaped radiator grille. At the rear, too, the Insight relies on lights with LED technology.

The new Insight will optionally come with leather, a large touchscreen, fully digital instruments as well as smartphone integration and mobile Internet access. The assistance systems include an emergency brake assistant, a lane departure warning system, a lane departure warning system, traffic sign recognition as well as adaptive cruise control with traffic jam follow-up function and all-round monitoring.

Next-generation hybrid drive

In terms of drive, the new Honda Insight follows the new hybrid system that is already used in the US Accord, the Clarity Hybrid and the CR-V Hybrid. The technicians have connected a 1.5-liter combustion engine with an electric motor and a lithium-ion battery, which is located under the back seat. The combustion engine works according to the Atkinson principle and is intended to act as a generator for the electric motor for most of the time. In general, the Insight should mainly move in E-mode. The system performance is specified with 151 hp and 267 Nm. The driving modes normal, eco and sport are available for personal coordination. The brake recuperation can also be regulated in several stages.

The Honda Insight is to be manufactured in the US plant in Greensburg /Indiana, where the Civic and CR-V for the US market also roll off the assembly line


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