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New Ford Mustang Apollo Edition 2015 auctioned!

New Ford Mustang Apollo-Edition auctioned
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The entire amount should be used for the common good. More precisely, a project ( E xperimental Aircraft Association's Youth Aviation Program , d.Red.), which ensures that young people be able to complete the pilot training.

Ford Mustang Apollo Edition with 636 hp

No, this Mustang cannot fly. And that although the Apollo edition of the new pony car has grown wings. But they should keep the special one-off on the ground.

That is also necessary, because while the Mustang available from us only produces 421 hp, the Apollo Edition pumps the power of a Mercedes A 250 to the rear axle. The five-liter V8 in the special edition delivers 636 hp.

This required more than just a little bit of chip tuning: An additional Ford Performance compressor shovels compressed air into the combustion chambers, thus enabling the 215 hp more Power. The power transmission is handled by a manual gearbox with six gears in the Apollo Edition.

Painted black and white, the 'Star- spangled banner 'on the chest

The special features of the Apollo edition include the wings mentioned at the beginning: A black carbon splinter the size of a surfboard directs the airflow over the car to the rear wing, which opens the driven axle the earth is pressing.

The two-tone paintwork of the vehicle is intended to be reminiscent of the colors of the space shuttle and the space shuttle. On the flanks of the Ford Mustang are patriotic stickers with a star flag and USA inscription. A sign in the door sills indicates the exclusive edition. Instead of the round GT logo, a new Apollo logo adorns the rear of the strong American.

The Ford Mustang Apollo Edition rolls on 21-inch wheels with Forgiato rims and special Pirelli P-Zero Tire so as not to lose traction. Orange LEDs on the underbody are supposed to symbolize engines and the re-entry of a space shuttle into the earth's atmosphere. Our TÜV would surely have a problem or two. The interior of the individual item also receives a little special treatment. Apollo logos are emblazoned on the back of the sports seats, NASA insignia between the two seatsthe back seat.


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