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New Ford GT (2017): Exclusive sample carbon case

New Ford GT (2017)
Subscriptions & booklets

V iele wanted one, only a select few have assigned one to get. At the end of October, these selected people received a first owner brochure from Ford, which, in addition to a warm welcome, also reflects the development, the order phase and the concierge service. All topics that concern a future Ford GT owner. Even if we couldn't get a GT, we can still show you the brochure (photo show). Anyone who has received a GT from Ford will now receive an extensive ordering kit from Ford. With small GT models, miniature rims and leather samples, GT buyers can configure their dream car. The ordering kit comes packaged in a stylish carbon box with a quick release fastener. Some of them have probably already gone through this process, because Job 1 is through, that is, the first Ford GT in road specification rolled off the assembly line on December 16, 2016 and on its way to the customer. Job 1 has black lacquer and orange vertical stripes. Incidentally, Job 1 and Job 2 go to Ford board member Bill Ford Jr. and Ford CEO Mark Fields. For these two and other customers, Christmas is probably saved.

But the fans and potential buyers of the Ford GT who have not yet received a super sports car can be pleased: Ford announced the super sports car in August to produce two years longer than originally planned. Interested parties who have already applied to buy a Ford GT will be notified in good time and simply need to update their existing request when the next application phase starts in 2018.

The third of the four production years is for Coping with the waiting list. Those interested who missed the original application period will be given a chance to apply again and will be considered in the fourth year of production. How many more GT Ford wants to build, however, the company did not say. For the first two years of production, a total of only 500 copies are planned.

Consolation for rejected applicants

Previously, Ford had decided who would get one of these 500 GTs - and who would not. We are among those who were not good enough. There was a thick book as consolation. After all. The rejection was actually predictable: too little presence on social media, too little or actually no Ford history at allCars. I don't get a GT from Ford. Of course, the Americans regret this very much and wish me all the best in my future life. Fortunately, the letter wasn't the only one.

The first Ford GT has rolled off the production line and already at the customer's.

Book instead of super sports car

A book was included in the package as an 'attachment'. A book about the Ford GT, its history, its successes. And hey, it was free. I just had to tap and click my way through the 24 pages of the online application. For the 500,000 euros that the Ford GT costs at least here, a short talk at the Sparkasse would probably not have been enough. And the book is also entertaining, if not the same as the super sports car with a 3.5-liter twin-turbo V6 engine.

But there were also people who were luckier than me: YouTubers and Internet phenomenon Tim Burton alias Shmee150, for example, was able to get hold of the option to buy a Ford GT.

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Brooks, the YouTuber from DragTimes from the USA, is also one of the happiest car nerds on our planet.

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CaptainSparklez has almost 10 million followers on YouTube - and soon a new Ford GT in the garage.

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