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New Ford Expedition: Extremely large and variable

New Ford Expedition
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For 20 years, Ford has had the E xpedition in the program, the newly presented edition should of course do everything better than his predecessors. A first small revolution can be seen in the structure of the new expedition. After the sister model Ford F-150 pickup truck was converted to an aluminum body, the expedition is now following this trend. Together with a new classic steel frame, which also carries independent wheel suspensions at the rear, the new Ford Expedition is said to have slimmed down around 136 kg. And that although the wheelbase has been extended by a further 10 cm.

Only with V6 biturbo

The Ford Expedition, however, in terms of safety equipment. This includes a 260-degree camera surveillance, a parking assistant, a lane departure warning, an adaptive cruise control with stop and go function, an emergency braking assistant as well as a blind spot assistant and a towing aid, as most expedition owners also like pulling big trailers around. There was also an upgrade for the infotainment package. Also on board are an inductive charging cradle in the center console, a new entertainment system for the backbenchers, WLAN access, a Bang & Olufsen sound system and the new SYNC 3 operating system.

The new one is on the drive side Ford Expedition exclusively on a 3.5 -Liter V6 biturbo gasoline engine, which is coupled with a new ten-speed automatic. In the F-150 it has 375 hp and 640 Nm, Ford has not yet given any data for the expedition. The speed steps of the automatic are now preselected using the rotary control. All-wheel drive with an electronically controlled limited slip differential is available as an option. In addition, the expedition has various driving programs.

Eight-seater again as a long version

The new expedition can accommodate up to 8 passengers in three rows of seats. The second row of seats can now be easily moved for easier access to the third row, in which even adults should find space. If you need storage space instead of seats, you can move the second and third row of seats at the push of a button. The tailgate now opens and closessensor-controlled.

The new Ford Expedition will go on sale in the US from autumn 2017. The equipment versions XLT, Limited and Platinum are available as well as an XL version for fleet customers. Oh yes, if full size is not enough, the new Expedition is also available again as MAX, also in a version with an extended wheelbase, which even exceeds that of the predecessor by 2.5 cm. The prices should be at the level of the current expedition and be between 48,000 and 72,000 dollars. With the new expedition, Ford hopes to catch up with the Chevrolet Suburban /Tahoe, which last mercilessly left the eight-seater behind in sales.


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