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New EU registrations September 2015: Continuing growth

New EU registrations September 2015
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D am this means that new car registrations in Europe have increased for the 25th month in a row. In September, too, growth was mainly driven by high demand in the major markets. With 272,479 new car registrations, the numbers in Germany increased by 4.8% compared to the previous year. France reports an increase of 9.1% and 164,769 new car registrations. In Italy 130,071 new registrations ensured an increase of 17.2% and in Spain 69,826 new registrations were registered (+ 22.5%). The British market contributed particularly high figures. With a total of 462,517 new car registrations, the British had the largest market volume in September and an increase of 8.6%.

VW remains Market leader

There is still no sign of the diesel emissions scandal at VW in the September figures. The VW Group remains the European market leader and secures 23.3% of the total cake. VW remains the strongest single brand with a market share of 11.2%. The second force in the European market is Ford with a market share of 8.0%. Opel is in third place with 7.2%. Renault is 5.9%, followed by Peugeot with 5.7%.

In the competition between the three German premium providers, BMW was just ahead of the game in September. With a market share of 5.6%, they are ahead of Mercedes (5.5%) and Audi (5.4%). Nissan outperforms Fiat with 4.6% (4.4%). In the other places follow Skoda (4.1%), Toyota (4.0%), Citro├źn and Hyundai (both 3.6%), Kia (2.9%) and Seat and Dacia (both 2.1%) .


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