New EU registrations October 2017

EU new registrations October 2017
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I In total, the European automobile manufacturers association ACEA recorded 1,169,672 new car registrations in Europe in October, 5.9% more than a year ago. In September 2017, the ACEA had to record a decrease in approval of 2.0%. After 10 months, however, the registration balance is still brilliant. With 12,830,216 new car registrations, the interim result is 3.9% higher than in the same period of the previous year.

Further downward trend in Great Britain

For the good result in October, increases were recorded in almost all major markets responsible. With 272,855 cars put on the market for the first time, Germany grew by 3.9%. France reports 176,492 new registrations, an increase of a whopping 13.7%. In Italy, 157,900 new car registrations result in an increase of 7.1% compared to the previous year. Like France, Spain grew by 13.7% and had 94,676 new car registrations in October. Only the UK remains in the downward tumble. In October 158,192 cars were registered for the first time, the decrease is 12.2%.

VW Group remains market leader

The VW Group remains the market leader in Europe in October. Despite the increasing number of registrations, the market share fell to 24.5%. The VW group continues to provide the strongest single brand with VW. The ACEA registered a market share of 11.0% here in October. Renault remains the second force in Europe. The French were able to secure a market share of 7.6%. Ford stands at 6.7% in October, which means third place for the Cologne-based company. On the other places are Peugeot (6.6%), Mercedes (5.9%), Opel (5.7%), Audi (5.5%), BMW (4.8%) and Skoda (4.7 %). Fiat only had a 4.6% market share in October, Toyota had 4.4% and Citro├źn 3.7%. Behind them are Hyundai (3.6%), Kia (3.3%), Nissan (3.2%), Dacia (3.0%) and Seat (2.8%) as well as Volvo (2.0% ).


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