New EU registrations October 2016

New EU registrations October 2016
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G The slight decline is due to a very different picture in the major European markets. While Italy with 146,632 new registrations and an increase of 9.7%, Spain with 83,248 new registrations and an increase of 4.0% and Great Britain with 180,168 new registrations (+ 1.4%) saw significant growth, other volume markets suffered clear losses.

EU registrations still well above previous year

Germany reports 262,724 new car registrations, a decrease of 5.6%. With 155,194 new registrations, France is 4.0% below the previous year. Nevertheless, the ten-month balance of the European manufacturers' association ACEA is positive. With a total of 12,348,502 new registrations, 2016 has so far been 7.2% up on the previous year.

With the number of registrations falling further, the VW Group continued to hold its own as the market leader in Europe in October. The Wolfsburg-based company has a market share of 24.7%. VW remains the strongest single make with a market share of 11.4%. It is followed by Renault and Ford, each with 6.9%. Opel is 6.3%, Audi and Peugeot are equal at 5.9%. Mercedes comes in at 5.7%, BMW at 5.6%. Fiat (4.9%), Skoda (4.4%), Toyota (3.8%), Citro├źn (3.6%), Nissan and Hyundai (both 3.5% each), Kia followed in the other places (3.1%) and Seat with 2.5%.


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