New EU registrations November 2017

New EU registrations November 2017
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I In a year-on-year comparison, the result for 2017 with 14,047,460 new car registrations after eleven months is 4.1% above the previous year. The growth in the new car market is being driven primarily by growth in the major European markets. In Germany, 302,636 cars were brought onto the market for the first time in November 2017, which corresponds to an increase of 9.4% compared to the previous year. France increased by 10.3% to 180,005 new car registrations. In Italy, 156,332 new registrations result in an increase of 6.8%. Spain reports 104,170 new registrations and an increase of 12.4%. Only the market in Great Britain continues to have only one direction - down. 163,541 new car registrations in November result in a decrease of 11.2% compared to 2016.

VW remains market leader ahead of Renault and Peugeot

The Volkswagen group remains the market leader in Europe with a market share of 24.6%. The strongest single brand is again VW with 11.3%. Both were able to increase their new registrations slightly, but their market share fell slightly. Renault establishes itself as the second force in Europe. The French make up 8.1% of the total cake in November. Peugeot secured a 6.5% market share in third place. Ford is closely behind with 6.4%. Opel, which is already part of the PSA Group, has a market share of 5.8%. In the three-way battle of the premium suppliers in November, Mercedes was ahead of BMW (5.3%) and Audi (5.2%) with 5.7%. Skoda is listed by the ACEA with a market share of 4.8%, Fiat and Toyota have an equal share of 4.2%. This is followed by Citro├źn (3.6%), Hyundai (3.4%), Dacia (3.2%), Nissan and Kia, each with an equal share of 3.0%, and Seat with a market share of 2.8%.


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