New EU registrations November 2015

EU registrations November 2015
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D he new car registrations in Europe only know one direction - upwards. November is already the 27th month in a row that closes with an increase. The sustained upswing is being supported by solid growth in the major markets.

Volume markets are growing strongly

In Germany 272,377 cars were brought onto the market for the first time in November (+ 8.9%), France comes with 150,334 new car registrations, an increase of 11.3%. Italy reports a 23.5% increase in new registrations with 134,021 cars, and Spain has 81,650 new cars registered for the first time, an increase of 25.4%. Only the UK is a little more cautious among the volume markets. 178,876 new registrations are reflected in the statistics with + 3.8%.

In the year to date, 12,603,855 new cars have been registered in the EU. The year-on-year increase is 8.7%.

Renault moves to second place

market leader In Europe, the VW Group remains unaffected by the emissions scandal with a market share of 24.3%. The strongest single brand is still VW with a market share of 12.1%. Second place behind the Wolfsburg team was taken by Renault (7.1%) just ahead of Ford (7.0) in November. It is followed by Opel (6.8%) and Peugeot (6.1%). Mercedes follows in 6th place with a market share of 5.5%. BMW got 5.3% and Audi 5.2%. Fiat (4.7%), Skoda (4.4%), Toyota (3.9%), Citro├źn (3.7%), Nissan (3.5%), Hyundai (3.2%) follow in the other places %), Kia (2.7%), Dacia (2.6%), Volvo (2.4%) and Seat (2.2%).


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