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New EU registrations in November 2018: significantly below previous year

New EU registrations November 2018
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K Whereas new European car registrations in July and August rose by 10.5 and 31.2% compared to the previous year, new registrations plummeted with the WLTP changeover in September. September brought a minus of 23.5%, October followed with minus 7.3% and last November, new registrations were still 8% below the previous year. A total of 1,121,162 cars were brought onto the market for the first time in Europe in November.

All major markets lose

All volume markets are affected by this decline. As the European automobile manufacturer association ACEA reports, 272,674 new passenger cars were registered in Germany in November 2018, which corresponds to a decrease of 9.9%. France reports 171,611 new registrations and a decrease of 4.7%. Italy, with 146,991 new registrations, is 6.3% below the previous year. Spain reports 91,063 new registrations and a decrease of 12.6%. Great Britain has 158,639 new registrations and is thus 3% below the previous year.

Nevertheless, the European market can look back on a slight increase after eleven months. With a total of 14,160,278 newly registered cars, the result has so far been 0.8% above the same period of the previous year.

Mercedes strong, Audi weak

Despite strongly fluctuating results, the distribution of market shares has changed barely changed. The Volkswagen group remains the European market leader in November 2018 with a market share of 23.7%. The strongest single brand is still VW with 11.8%. It is followed by Peugeot (6.6%) and Ford (6.4%) and, equally, Mercedes (6.4%), which has just left Renault (6.3%) behind. Opel is just ahead of BMW (5.6%) with a market share of 5.8%. Skoda is ahead of Toyota (4.7%) with 5.3%. Fiat and Dacia follow tied (4.0% each). Behind them are Citro├źn (3.8%) and Hyundai (3.5%). With a market share of just 3.3%, Audi can only hold its own just ahead of Kia (3.2%) and Seat (3.1%). Nissan and Volvo have a 2.3% market share.


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