New EU registrations in March 2017

EU new registrations March 2017
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W As the European automobile manufacturer association ACEA reports, the growth in the first quarter of 2017 is also positive. With 4,141,269 cars brought onto the market for the first time, an increase of 8.4% compared to the first three months of 2016 was achieved.

Great Britain largest market in Europe

The spring upswing is being driven of growth in all major markets. Germany reported 359,638 new registrations for March, an increase of 11.4%. In France, 226,134 cars found their way onto the streets for the first time in March (+ 7.0%). Italy reports 226,163 new registrations and an increase of 18.2%, Spain 125,600 and an increase of 12.6% and Great Britain 562,337 and an increase of 8.4%.

The Volkswagen group remains the market leader in Europe had a market share of 21.3% in March 2017. The strongest single brand is still VW with 9.7%. Ford follows behind the Wolfsburg-based company with a market share of 8.3%, while Renault takes third place with 7.2%.

Opel (6.8%), Peugeot (5, 5%), Mercedes (5.3%), BMW and Fiat (5.2% each), Audi (5.1%), Nissan (4.8%), Toyota (4.2%), Skoda (3rd , 7%), Citroen (3.6%), Hyundai (3.1%), Kia (2.9%) as well as Seat and Dacia with each 2.3% market share.


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