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New EU registrations in June 2022: minus 15.4 percent

The European new car market is simply not gaining momentum. In June, too, the figures remain below those of the previous year. The minus is 15.4 percent. The half-year balance is also 14 percent below the previous year.

The European car trade will continue to be determined by missing parts. The gaps in the supply chains are slowing down production and with it the possibility of supplying the market with new cars. Despite high demand, the quotas continue to fall. As reported by the European automobile manufacturers association ACEA, car manufacturers were only able to bring 886,510 new cars onto the EU market in June. Less than since 1996. Compared to the same month last year, sales fell by 15.4 percent.

Minus in June, minus in the half year

The ongoing downward trend is also clearly reflected in the volume markets. Germany reports 224,558 new registrations, 18.1 percent fewer than in the previous year. The French market only has 171,087 newly registered cars. The French are 14.2 percent behind the previous year's result. Only 127,209 new registrations in Italy result in a minus of 15 percent. Spain has just 89,252 new car registrations - 7.8 percent less than a year ago. Even on the volume market Great Britain, the figures only know one direction – downwards. In the ex-EU member state, the new registration rate fell by 24.3 percent to 140,958 cars in June. And it doesn't look rosy either. A total of 4,608,205 new cars were brought onto the market in the EU in the first six months. That is 14 percent less than a year ago. The six-month balance for the German market sees 1,237,975 new registrations and a minus of 11.0 percent. The French market collapsed by 16.3 percent to 771,980 new registrations. It's down 22.7 percent in Italy, where just 684,228 new cars hit the streets. Spain fell by 10.7 percent to 407,757 new registrations in the first half of the year. The British market shrinks by 11.9 percent to 802,079 cars.

Everyone loses, VW stays ahead

The Volkswagen Group remains the market leader in the shrinking market in June, with a market share of 24.3 percent. The strongest pursuer is still the Stellantis group, which has a market share of 21.5 percent. Far behind is the Renault Group with 13.7 percent. Despite heavy losses, VW remains the strongest single brand in the EU. The Lower Saxony come to a market share in June of 10.9 percent. The second force with a market share of 7.5 percent is Renault. Peugeot creates third place with seven percent of the cake. Toyota (6.6%), Dacia (6.2%), Mercedes (5.4%) and BMW (5.3%) follow in the other places. Skoda is level with Kia at 4.7 percent. At 4.6 percent, Hyundai is just ahead of Audi (4.5 percent). The sister companies Fiat and Opel both have a market share of 4.1 percent. Citroen is ahead of Seat (3.5%) and Ford (3.2%) with 3.9 percent.,In our photo show we show you the most popular cars in Germany in June 2022.


There is no sign of relaxation on the European new car market. Semiconductor and raw material shortages continue to restrict production significantly. Manufacturers continue to focus on producing vehicles that will make them the most money. The availability of new cars remains limited, new car prices high and delivery times long.


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