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New EU registrations April 2015: Unchecked upward trend

New EU registrations April 2015
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I ntotal of 1,166,482 new cars found their way onto Europe's roads in April. Cumulative new car registrations over the first four months of the year are 4,695,058 vehicles, which corresponds to an increase of 8.2% compared to the same period of the previous year.

Italy reports strong growth

The sustained upswing will continue to be carried by the stronger sales in the volume markets. Italy recorded 148,807 new registrations, an increase of a full 24.2%. Germany has 291,395 new registrations and an increase of 6.3%. Great Britain has 185,778 new registrations and + 5.1%, France 170,765 new registrations and + 2.3%. Spain reports 82,715 new registrations and + 3.2%.

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Fiat won in April with a market share of 5.0 % in the ACEA lists, Skoda comes to 4.6%, Citroën to 4.0%, Toyota to 3.5%, Nissan to 3.4%, Dacia to 3.3%, Hyundai to 3.2% , Kia up to 2.8% and Seat up to 2.5%.

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