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New drift record for BMW: drifting and refueling? Go!

New drift record for BMW
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Z white BMW M5, a new F90 and a old F10, drifting in circles. A man in a racing suit and helmet leans out of the right rear window from the old M5 with rear-wheel drive. He is holding a fuel hose in his hands. With the intention of quenching the thirst of the other M5's 4.4-liter twin-turbo V8.

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The first is followed by the second record

Sometimes the two BMW M5 rattle together with the rear, sometimes the fuel hose doesn't want to hit the Support. But in the end Matt Butts, secured by a tension rope, manages to supply the M5 F90 with new liquid food so that BMW instructor Johan Schwartz does not have to stop his drift. In total, the 600 PS and 750 Newton meter strong all-wheel drive, which swings to pure rear-wheel drive in 2WD mode (two wheel drive), has to be refueled five times during the drift record.

Within eight hours. That's how long the transverse drive takes. A new record jumps out. Schwartz comes 232.5 miles in the M5. That corresponds to 374.172 kilometers. The old record for the longest drift within eight hours was 144 kilometers. “We wanted to set the bar as high as possible and therefore had to find a way to refuel the M5 while it was moving. The refueling system worked smoothly and the M5 delivered as expected, ”said Schwartz happily.

The stage for the drift was a watered sling plate on the BMW Performance site in Greer (South Carolina) in the USA. Detroit Speed ​​took care of refueling. And because it is so fun to set new records, BMW tried to set a second record straight away. A parallel drift. This time there was no refueling. BMW chief instructor Matt Mullins emulated Johan Schwartz in the M5 F10 in the M5 F90. In one hour they made 49.25 miles in parallel flight. Both records are in the Guinness Book of Recordsrecorded.


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