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New crash test: EuroNCAP could be tightened from 2018

ADAC develops new crash test
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L According to ADAC, the crumple zone of many cars in accidents that deviate from the standard Euro-NCAP crash test shows major weaknesses. For example in grazing accidents or frontal tree accidents, which can lead to serious or fatal injuries to the occupants.

VW Golf reveals clear weaknesses

In contrast to the standard EuroNCAP crash test, in the newly defined frontal crash of the ADAC, the vehicle does not drive at a speed of 64 against a barrier mounted on a concrete block, but at 50 km /h against a barrier car with the same speed. The barrier, to which an aluminum body with a honeycomb structure is attached, simulates a lower middle class car weighing around 1.4 tons. In the event of a collision, the car is offset to the side with an overlap of 50%. After the crash, the print on the aluminum block provides information about the safety of the vehicle occupants. Thanks to a new digital evaluation system, it is also recognized how safe the construction of the front of the vehicle is for the other party involved in the accident.

The test series was carried out with three vehicles from the lower middle class: According to the opinion, the best body construction for self-protection and the other party in the accident of the ADAC of the Honda Civic. The Renault M├ęgane offers sufficient compatibility, the VW Golf only a poor one. In the opinion of the automobile club, the identified weak points in the crumple zone can be easily mitigated through simple, constructive measures.

If the new crash is used in the standard procedure, the ADAC assumes that the number of cars killed -The occupants can be reduced by up to seven percent.

EuroNCAP had already tightened the pedestrian crash criteria at the beginning of the year, so the hurdle for a 5-star result was raised even higher.


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