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New Cocamotors Walkcar: roller board for transporting people

Cocamotor's Walkcar - roller board for passenger transport
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W If others are still running, Walkcar owners can in future Cruising through the city purely electrically without effort. The Walkcar is barely the size of a 13-inch laptop and, with its carbon housing, weighs only 2.8 kg. The drive is purely electric.

There is no steering wheel and no remote control either, you control by simply shifting your own weight on the flat chassis. If you want to stop, you just get off. The Walkcar can easily be stowed in a bag. Or you just tuck it under your arm.

The Walkcar should be able to reach a top speed of 16 km /h. A charging lap takes an hour and is enough for an hour of driving pleasure. The Walkcar is available for $ 1,280 in the Cocamotors online store and will ship from September 2017. Deliveries are currently made to 13 countries in the Asia-Pacific, North America and Europe regions and can be extended to other countries on request in the near future.


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