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New Chevrolet Bolt EV: E-car with a range of over 380 km

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Almost a year ago, GM presented the Bolt Concept, a small car concept with a purely electric drive. The production version of the Bolt EV debuted at CES 2016 and will be launched in early 2017. Later the electric dwarf will also come in Germany as O pel Ampera-e on the market.

Chevrolet Bolt with 381 liters load volume

The most important key data of the Chevrolet Bolt can be summarized in two numbers: The range with one battery charge should be over 380 km according to the comparatively tough EPA standard, the purchase price is 37,500 dollars. If you add in the US electric car subsidies, the Bolt effectively costs only $ 30,000. However, this is well above the price of the Tesla Model 3, which will cost $ 30,000 in 2017, minus a handsome subsidy. If the energy storage is empty, it should be able to be filled again to around 80% in just 60 minutes with a quick charging system.

Like the Ampera-e, the Bolt's motor generates 204 hp and 360 Newton meters. The extensive infotainment equipment is praised. The central control element is a large touchscreen, a camera system ensures a view to the rear, and additional cameras complement this image for 360 degree surveillance. Equipped with Auto Android and Apple Car Play, smartphones can be easily integrated. Numerous apps ensure convenience. The app can be used to monitor the charge status, precondition the vehicle, navigate, coordinate workshop appointments and view the operating instructions. The bolt navigation takes into account the driving style and the topography and, if necessary, also integrates available charging stations. Later on, Bolt drivers will be able to compete with one another in a virtual competition in terms of “optimized driving style”.

The design of the five-seater is based on a typical Chevrolet brand face, LED lights all around, large windows and tight overhangs . The load space should swallow a good 380 liters of luggage.

A BMW i3 of comparable size costs from 36,150 euros in the all-electric version and offers a range of up to 300 km (NEDC) or a good 200 km after ams test . Who needs more rangego for the i3 version with range extender, which is available from 39,450 euros and then remains mobile by filling up with gasoline - but the range extender is an internal combustion engine and therefore not emission-free.


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