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New car registrations in March 2015: Things are still looking up

New car registrations March 2015
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I n a total of 388,381 new vehicles were registered for traffic in March. This even results in an increase of 9.3 percent compared to the previous year, as the Federal Motor Transport Authority (KBA) announced on Thursday (April 2nd, 2015). The annual balance so far is also positive. After three months, the KBA has recorded 757,630 new car registrations (+ 6.4%) and a total of 883,514 new vehicle registrations (+ 6.2%).

Jeep with massive growth

The private share of new car registrations was 35.8 percent in March, 4.6% above the figure for the same month last year. Over half of the new cars were petrol (51.4%), 46.9% were equipped with a diesel engine. In the segments, the compact class was the strongest with a share of 25.8%. In terms of growth rates, mobile homes are clearly ahead with 44.0%, while SUVs gained + 17.1%. The highest losses were recorded by the vans (-12.7%) followed by the luxury class (-3.6%). All other segments recorded growth compared to the same month of the previous year.

erad /irelements /esielement /eyJwYWdlIjoiL3N0YXJ0c2VpdGUvIiwiZWxlbWVudCI6ImFkcy5Qb3N0ZXJhZCIsIsInBhcmFtcyWiZeepABLE %), Mitsubishi (+ 57.5%), Smart (+ 49.5%), Suzuki (+ 42.7%), Lexus (+ 36.7%) and Porsche (+ 36.0%) clearly ahead. Mini (+ 18.7%), VW (+ 13.8%), Hyundai and Fiat (+ 10.1%) are also up double-digit.

The losers of the year so far include Chevrolet ( - 96.6%, due to the market exit), Lancia (-29.7%) and Jaguar (-29.6%).

The used car market is also up

The picture on the used car market is also extremely positive. In March, 695,900 cars changed owners, which corresponds to an increase of 13.5%. Overall, the KBA recorded 805,458 vehicle owner changes in March (+ 11.5%). Even after three months, the used car market is still up. With 1,805,867 owner changes, an increase of 3.0% is on the books for cars. The KBA puts the overall increase in vehicle owner changes at plus 1.8%. A total of 2,029,303 vehicles have been re-registered to new owners since January.


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