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New car registrations in January 2015: The year starts well

New car registrations January 2015
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Mitsubishi is way ahead with registrations in January

I n a total of 211,337 cars were registered for the first time in the reporting month, the quota of all cars was 238,850. However, looking back on the previous month, the approvals had to give way. For their annual registration statistics, the carmakers had once again pushed cars into the market. Therefore, the changes from December 2014 to January 2015 for passenger cars are minus 8.0 percent, for motor vehicles a total of -10.1 percent.

The winning brands in January include Mitsubishi (+ 108.4 Percent), Lexus (+ 101.6 percent) and Nissan (+ 60.4 percent). On the losing side were Chevrolet with minus 98.2 percent, Lancia with minus 41.0 percent and Jaguar with 38.8 percent lousy.

Ford is the only German car manufacturer in the red

For the German manufacturers, the registration statistics in January 2015 are up for almost all of them. Audi increases by 1.1 percent, BMW by 0.8 percent. Mercedes has an increase of 6.5 percent, Opel an increase of 9.2 percent and Porsche of 18.5 percent. Volkswagen was also able to grow by 8.9 percent. Only Ford is doing badly with minus 14.1 percent.

Further facts about the new registration statistics January 2015

  • Diesel share: 50.6%
  • Vehicles with gasoline engines: 47.7%
  • Plug-in models: 593 (+ 323.6%)
  • Electric - Cars: 659 (+ 65.5%)
  • Cars with LPG: 581 (+21.8%)
  • CO2 emissions: 130.4g /km (-3, 6%)
  • Share of commercial owners: 68.8%

The second-hand car market starts in January bad

The used car market is also starting to decline. 561,486 cars changed hands in January 2015 - minus 5.6 percent. The statistics for all vehicles (614,992 changes of owner) are minus 6.3 percent.


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