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New car registrations February 2019: Market grows - Opel loses

New car registrations February 2019
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A The Federal Motor Transport Authority also recorded an increase in total new registrations in February. Here 315,389 new registrations resulted in an increase of 5.7% - Compared to the previous month, the statisticians have calculated an increase of 3.7 percent. After two months, the new car market is in good shape. For passenger cars, the results are already 2.7% above the previous year, as of January 2019 the plus is still 1.2 percent ..

Audi, Ford and Mercedes with pluses

When looking at brands, clear winners and losers emerge from the record of new registrations after just two months. Tesla (+ 416.4%), Volvo (+ 33.7%), Subaru (+ 32.1%) posted really big gains. The losers include Porsche (-48.2%), Nissan (-41.1%) and Honda (-36.9%).

The German automaker also holds the VW SUV and Sports car brand Porsche raise the red lantern. The PSA brand Opel joins this with a decline in new registrations of 7.3 percent, at BMW it is 3.6 percent and Volkswagen also closes negative with 1.4 percent. These brands can take an example from the other German car manufacturers: Audi recorded an increase of 3.0 percent, Mercedes grew by 2.8 percent and Ford achieved an increase of 12.4 percent.

The Most of the new vehicles were in the compact class. Their share was 21.1 percent (-4.5%), closely followed by SUVs, which, with an increase of +17.1 percent, had a share of new registrations of 20.5 percent. The utilities achieved the greatest increase in registrations (4.8%) with +19.9 percent. The upper class was least in demand in February, its share was 0.9 percent (+12.6%).

The most important data from February at a glance

  • Share of petrol: 59.7 percent (minus 2.5 percent)
  • Share of diesel: 32.6 percent (plus 3.0 percent)
  • Electric cars: 4,637 new registrations ( plus 81.1 percent /share: 1.7 percent)
  • Hybrid vehicles: 15,147 new registrations (82.7 percent /share 5.6 percent)
    of which 2,202 plug-in hybrids (-14, 0 percent /share: (0.8 percent)
  • Average CO2 emissions: 157.2 g /km according to WLTP

The used car market is up

The used car market can keep up with new cars. In February, 557,733 cars changed owners, which corresponds to an increase of 2.3% compared to the previous year the transfer of ownership is with 632,785 changes of owner with a plus of 4.2%the course of the year to date also looks positive. In the case of passenger cars, the change of owner is plus 1.3%, in the overall balance the KBA noted plus 2.0%. There were 1,158,861 changes in car owners and 1,295,047 changes in vehicle owners.


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