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New car buyers in 2015: These are Germany's pensioner brands

Achim Hartmann
New car buyers 2015
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More than a third of car buyers are over 60 years old

U nd this is also the case with the Porsche customer, who is by no means around 45 years old and looking for a meaning in life or at least for young female recognition - no, the Porsche customer is 55.3 years old and is thus well above the average age of German new car buyers. This is 53.0 years and, compared to 2014, 1.8 percent higher. Twenty years ago, the average car buyer was just 46.1 years old. Okay, demographic change does not stop at the auto industry either, 'in the German new car market there is a Methuselah effect', according to Ferdinand Dudenhöffer, after all the average age in Germany is 44.3 years, more than a third (34.9 percent) of all However, new cars are registered for customers over the age of 60.

Achim Hartmann
BMW 2 Series Active Tourer: Not necessarily for the dynamic young people. 30% of buyers are over 70 years old.

The senior brand 2014: Subaru

While all car brands are increasing in terms of age of buyers in the study, only Suzuki manages to rejuvenate its buyers. Instead of 53.5 years in 2014, Suzuki buyers were on average 48.8 years old in the first 11 months of 2015.

And what are the senior brands in Germany? Subaru is high up, as is Lexus and Honda. Also included, as already mentioned above, Porsche but also VW, Opel and BMW.

That may be surprising, but also makes sense to the other side, after all, older people have more financial opportunities than younger buyers. And that's where the phenomenon playsSUV play a role. The segment, which has been booming for years, is also dominated by senior citizens. The SUV buyer is on average even older: 55.2 years. And 39.3 percent of SUV customers are according to Dudenhöffer 60 years or older in his study.


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