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New BMW M1 under the hammer: drive 500 km, earn 300,000 dollars

New BMW M1 under the hammer
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When looking at the speedometer one is confused - how now? The scale just goes up to 85 MPH and 140 km /h. But that's not the only thing why you have to look here twice. Because only four digits appear on the mechanical drum - a 7, a 1, a 5 and another 7. And indeed, this BMW M 1 is only 7,157 miles (11,518 km) not even retracted properly. The German super sports car will be offered by Bonhams at the Amelia Island auction on March 12th.

Only 153 km per year

The extremely limited speedometer carries the white BMW M1 because of the US regulations at the time, according to which the speedometer was allowed to display a maximum of 85 MPH. The extremely low mileage of the late model is also very easy to understand. The first owner only drove his super sports car a total of 3,382 miles in 22 years - around 153 km a year - until he sold it in 2002.

Over the next 7 years, the next 3 owners made it together Annual mileage of the rare BMW M1 significantly to increase. Together they drove around 3,200 miles before the car with an odometer reading of around 6,600 miles was sold again in 2009.

300% increase in value in 6 years ago

scene connoisseurs noticed the BMW M1 with the chassis number WBS59910004301336 6 years ago at the Quail Lodge auction. The Bonhams auction house offered it at that time with an estimate of 100,000 to 140,000 dollars, the hammer fell at 147,800 dollars.

The increase in value of the BMW M1 should please its current owner: He drove about 500 km with the 277 PS sports car - and if nothing unpredictable happens, he will earn around 250,000 to 300,000 dollars for it.

Bonhams gives an estimate of 400,000 to 450,000 dollars for this BMW M1 when new. Given the current market situation, the price is not too high. Classic Analytics lists a BMW M1 in condition 2 at 299,000 euros, around 340,000 dollars. The low mileageand the almost flawless condition justify the surcharge of up to 30%.

M1 is the only mid-engined sports car from BMW

The BMW M1 is the first car developed by BMW Motorsport GmbH . Their boss Jochen Neerpasch wanted to build a victorious touring car for Group 4 with his team. The program was just as sporty as the car itself: 400 units had to be built in just 24 months.

Giorgio Giugiaro took care of the shape, Neerpasch the concept of the first and so far only BMW mid-engine sports car, the young engineers showed commitment - and found unusual solutions. The Bavarians initially worked with Lamborghini on the BMW M1 project, where the bodies and tubular space frames of the first prototypes were manufactured and pre-assembled. In Munich they got the straight six-cylinder planted and rolled onto the test track to prove their capabilities.

From Italy to Stuttgart for final assembly

The initial material problems were solved, but Lamborghini ran into turbulence. BMW wanted to help with participation, the Italians reluctantly. BMW then had the frame welded at Marchesi, the GRP body was made at TIR, the BMW M1 was pre-assembled at ItalDesign - the company of Giorgio Giugiaro.

This is how the bodies and the tubular space frame of the 453 units in total ultimately became made in Italy, then they came to Germany by express. Not to Munich, for example, but to the city of Mercedes and Porsche, because Baur took over the final assembly in Stuttgart. The processing quality is not always at a high level, but after all, these manufactured cars are almost unique.

Century M88 engine

The first study of the The mid-engine athlete, which was presented at the 1972 Olympic Games in Munich, was still powered by a turbocharged four-cylinder engine, Paul Rosche opted for an inline six-cylinder naturally aspirated engine for the series M1. The result is the M88, which is one of the most pioneering engines in automotive engineering. The high-speed engine with a displacement of 3.5 liters delivers a healthy 277 hp at 6,500 rpm and puts 300 Nm at 5,000 rpm on the crankshaft.

For use in Group 4, the M88 produce around 470 hp, for the brand world championship there was a version with a turbocharger that achieved around 850 hp.

The new BMW M1 price was 100,000 marks

But the standard version was already standard Six-cylinder enthusiastic. Like the proverbial turbine, it revs up and accelerates the BMW M1 to 100 km /h in around 6 seconds. The top speed of the 1,450 kg sports car is 265 km /h.

Between 1978 and 1981, 453 BMW M1s were built - at a unit price of 100,000 marks. BMW is said to be with every completed M1Have put it up a notch - no wonder with the odyssey that the vehicles have brought through to the final inspection. Is that the reason why the Bavarians haven't dared to buy a mid-engine sports car since then?


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