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New 5 Series BMW from March 20th at dealerships

BMW 5-series market start
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This was shared by B MW at a presentation in Lisbon. A long version for the Chinese market will follow in the summer before the 5 Series Touring will be shown for the first time in autumn.

BMW 5 Series Hybrid model for Geneva

For 2011 the M5 sports model as well as the 6 Series Coupé and 6er Cabrio on the map. At the same time, further engine and drive variants are being prepared. So BMW wants the 5er in March the Geneva Motor Show as a study with hybrid drive and later also offer the automatic models with start-stop function.

The 5 Series, which has grown a little in length and width and has shrunk in height, initially comes with four petrol and two diesel engines, which are more economical than in the predecessor. The base gasoline engine is the 204 hp six-cylinder in the 523i. The models 528i with 258 hp and 535i with 306 hp, as well as the V8 with 407 hp in the 550i, also have six cylinders.

Basic 5 series costs from 39,950 euros

In terms of diesels, BMW is initially offering two six-cylinder engines in the 525d with 204 hp and in the 530d with 245 hp. For the summer, the 184 hp 520d will be the economy model and initially the only four-cylinder. Equipped with a manual gearbox and an automatic start-stop system, its consumption should drop to 5.0 liters (CO2 emissions: 132 g /km).

When the 520d is on the market, prices will be around 39,950 euros begin. Until then, at least 41,900 euros must be paid for the 5 Series. The most expensive model for the time being is the 550i for 70,500 euros.


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