NEVS: 4 models, but not as a Saab

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The four new models are all based on the Phönix platform and should be launched by 2018. Two SUV models are planned - one more sporty with a hatchback in the small cars and one more family-friendly with a hatchback in the compact segment - as well as a mid-range crossover model (Urban Adventurer) and a mid-range fastback model (Active All-Rounder) . More information from the colleagues at S AABblog .net.

First electric Saab comes in 2017

All four models should come with the already developed electric drive come onto the road. However, the new models are not allowed to bear the name Saab. Here NEVS, owner of the vehicle production, negotiated in vain with the Saab rights holders, the aircraft manufacturer Saab. The Saab car brand should finally be history.

However, Saab returned to the market on Tuesday (December 5th, 2017). In Tianjin, China, the further developed Saab 9-3 with a purely electric drive rolled off the assembly line. The NEVS 9-3 will initially only be offered in Sweden and China. In addition to its new vehicles, Saab also wants to become more involved in the mobility concepts and services segment. A total of 50,000 units will leave the factory annually, in a further phase there will be 200,000 electric vehicle units.

In addition, the Swedes are partners of TÜBITAK, a Turkish development and research association, NEVS for the development of the first “Turkish national car “Have included.


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