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D he technological progress has not only led to driving in the last few decades Made much safer, comfort has also improved significantly. With increasing networking, more and more functions are finding their way into the car that one would never have dared to dream of before.

For example, the next trip can be conveniently planned on the sofa at home or at the desk in the office. Very comfortable, not only when planning a trip to vacation with the family. Users of the Porsche Connect app receive information about the current traffic situation on their smartphone and can calculate the departure time accordingly. You always stay up to date on the go. If the real-time traffic information detects a traffic jam or a road blockage, the system immediately calculates a corresponding diversion.

Thanks to online data that is updated every few minutes, the risk of the dreaded second is reduced Get in a traffic jam. The swarm data also know whether the diversion route is blocked. Whether on the direct route or not: arrival time and distance are always updated and displayed. So in most cases you are safe from nasty surprises on the way.

Real-time traffic data from the Internet therefore offers a great advantage compared to the TMC standard used so far. Here only messages from the traffic control centers were processed, which were often imprecise or out of date. In addition, only main routes on motorways and country roads were taken into account.

You can trust the technology

It happens of course that the traffic situation calms down on a route that was originally bypassed due to traffic jams - then it will Route guidance adjusted again and it goes back to the original route. In the case of navigation systems with real-time traffic data, it is advisable to follow the instructions.

The navigation system in Porsche vehicles can do much more than just find the route to domestic and international destinations. If a refueling stop is to be made on the way, the computer brain not only knows the gas stations along the route or at the destination. Thanks to the constant connection to the Internet, you can also see the current gasoline prices at the respective stations on the PCM display.

Driver of a Porsche Panamera or

Cayenne with E-Hybrid -Drive and futureCustomers in the fully electric Porsche Mission E will also appreciate another function of the navigation technology in their vehicle: At the push of a button or by voice command, charging points for drawing up electricity along the route can be found and controlled. At a glance, you can also see the type of charging station with the charging power made available, which has an impact on the duration of the stopover.

Intelligent route planning

On the highway from a city on the other hand, the combustion engine is used. The locally emission-free electric drive can be used on the last few kilometers from the outskirts to the destination in an inner city location with limited access time or completely. The route guidance has taken this into account upon request and ensured that the battery is sufficiently charged.

Incidentally, you don't have to take your hand off the steering wheel to operate all functions: the Porsche Voice Pilot as a modern voice control listens to your word and can also send complex commands directly implement. There is no need to learn a precisely defined sequence of words or sentences. It is enough to express wishes as if you were speaking to another person. Of course, it can also be about human needs. In response to the statement “I'm hungry”, the voice pilot can search for restaurants along the route in conjunction with the data from the navigation device and show information on this on the display.

The car listens well

You no longer have to search the contact directory to call a specific person. The Voice Pilot knows the names of the persons listed here and, if there are several numbers for an entry, for example divided into “office”, “private” and “mobile”, it also asks the appropriate counter question as to which of the stored numbers should be called. Long glances at the monitor and the associated distraction from traffic are a thing of the past thanks to the clever Voice Pilot.

If a stopover is planned spontaneously, for example to pick up a business partner, the additional address can be given intuitively via voice control can be integrated into the active route guidance.

The Voice Pilot can not only listen, but also read aloud. During the journey, it can bring news from politics, business and culture from the Internet into the car if required. He can also research the current weather at the destination and read the information to the driver. If the temperature or the likelihood of rain have changed since the start of the journey, there may still be enough time for a stopover to buy suitable clothing.

If desired, the driver of a Porsche can also park at their destination without stress . Because here the smartphone with remote parking becomes a remote control for the car. This allows you to steer the car into the tightest of parking spaces. That haspractical advantages. This function not only avoids scratches and dents in tight parking spaces. The more cars that can park in and out of parking spaces by remote control, the more efficiently valuable parking spaces can be used. When neither driver nor passengers have to get in or out, the cars can be parked closer together. This means that more cars fit on the same footprint.

Credit cards instead of parking tickets

At Porsche, networking doesn't even stop at credit cards. The Card S digitizes the parking ticket. If a car with the corresponding credit card on board drives into a parking garage of a cooperation partner, the RFID chip on the card is recognized by sensors at the entrance. The barrier for the entrance opens fully automatically. Even when exiting, the window does not have to be opened in order to tamper with the slot for the parking ticket. The Porsche Card S you are carrying is recognized again and the barrier opens. The parking time is registered in the database and paid for by credit card. Card-S users receive a detailed overview of their parking processes with the invoice.


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