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Natural gas offensive: network wants to advance natural gas cars

Natural gas offensive
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D he participants want to develop a new strategy to use conventional and biological To make natural gas obtained from raw materials more attractive as a fuel. The main focus here is on expanding the natural gas filling station network and making legal improvements in Germany.

Price advantage for the customer and favorable for the CO2 balance

According to Volkswagen, among other things the competitors Daimler, Opel and Ford, the commercial vehicle manufacturer Iveco, the mineral oil multinationals BP /Aral and Shell, the gas providers erdgas mobil and Wingas as well as the ADAC and the Federal Ministry of Transport are also members of the new network. 'We want to sign a paper by the middle of next year that specifies the measures,' it said.

Given the EU-wide reduction commitments for greenhouse gases, natural gas continues to have great market opportunities because of its better CO2 balance. Customers would also have price advantages because it is significantly cheaper than petrol and diesel. The long-term goal of the federal government is to increase the share of natural gas and biomethane in all car fuels to up to four percent.


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