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Natural gas cars as an alternative: all models at a glance

Natural gas cars as an alternative
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D iesel have long been considered the first choice among car buyers when it comes to to save fuel. With the emissions scandal, however, the diesel engine fell into disrepute and has lost its attractiveness with customers. Impending driving bans in various metropolises also make car buyers squint for alternatives.

Fewer emissions and 30% more economical than diesel

One of them could be natural gas, because cars fueled with CNG (Compressed Natural Gas) are cheap and environmentally friendly. In addition, natural gas has a higher energy density than gasoline. Another advantage is its exhaust emissions. If fossil natural gas is burned in the engine, the vehicle emits significantly less CO2 and practically no pollutants such as fine dust, soot particles and nitrogen oxides. If you use biofuels such as biomethane or synthetic methane as fuel, CNG vehicles are almost climate-neutral.

The bottom line is that natural gas cars consume around 50 percent less than gasoline and 30 percent less than diesel.

The bottom line is that natural gas cars consume around 50 percent less than a gasoline engine and 30 percent less than a diesel. Potential natural gas drivers have to change the price of gas stations. Unlike petrol or diesel, this is not given per liter but per kilogram. This is currently (mid-September 2017) around one euro. Converted to one liter of super, the price is 70 cents. If the current natural gas models consume around 3 to 5 kg /100 kilometers, the fuel costs for a 100-kilometer route are 3 to 5 euros. The low CO2 emissions also ensure a low vehicle tax.

Provides planning securityNatural gas customers the extension of the tax reduction on natural gas, decided by the federal government in June

until the year 2026, whereby the amount of the reduction is to be reduced from 2024.

Natural gas cars for almost every claim

Anyone who buys a car with natural gas drive from the factory also drives with a full factory warranty. The basic prices for a natural gas model are usually just above those of comparable diesel models. The current range of the carmaker covers almost all requirements from small cars, compacts and high-roof station wagons to mid-range models (also as station wagons). Even sporty natures will find corresponding offers in engines with up to 170 hp and a top speed of up to 226 km /h.

Natural gas drivers are also increasingly relieved of the fear of looking for a gas station. There are already around 900 CNG filling stations in Germany. And the filling station network is hardly less dense in other European countries either, but adapters may be necessary for the refueling process. When looking for the right column, apps and petrol station finders such as mehr-tanken.de.

It takes just as long to refuel a CNG vehicle as it does for diesel or gasoline, i.e. around three to five minutes. When it comes to safety, there is no increased risk with natural gas vehicles. The operating pressure of the tanks is 200 bar, but the storage tanks are tested up to 600 bar. Corrosion damage and its consequences, as befell some VW models, are almost impossible for the future, as most manufacturers now rely on corrosion-free composite materials for their tanks.


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