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MV Agusta F4Z Zagato: Superbike in a designer dress

MV Agusta
MV Agusta F4Z Zagato
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M V Agusta has a legendary reputation in the two-wheeler scene, economically The Italians, in which the car manufacturer Daimler holds 25% of the shares through AMG, are currently badly hit. The Italians are now attempting a break in product terms with another big name.

F4Z with idiosyncratic design

Zagato was hired to design a new superbike. However, the new model remains unique. It was commissioned by a Japanese entrepreneur who collects Zagato automobiles, but also Italian motorcycles. Anyone familiar with Zagato designs was aware that the new MV would differ significantly from the previous models. The technology was adopted from the approximately 200 hp F4 with a 1,000 cc four-cylinder. Only the inlet area and the tank had to be adapted for the new look. The Zagato look also differs significantly from the production machine in other ways.

The exhaust system is now located under the engine and ends at the side in front of the rear wheel. At the front there is a small, round headlight, which is covered by a fairing nose that extends far forward. This cladding, made of carbon fiber laminate of course, extends over a large area over the flanks of the four-cylinder and seamlessly connects to the tank-seat combination in contrasting colors. The instruments are hidden under a small, attached panel.

Overall, a very pleasing and eye-catching solution. However, a rear bumper, including lighting and license plate holder, is missing for road approval. In addition, the aerodynamic qualities of this design language might not necessarily be beneficial for a 200 hp superbike. That shouldn't play a role for the owner, because the MV Agusta F4Z will probably continue to be off the road anyway.


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