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MTM Audi R8 V10 Biturbo: high-gloss sports car for 500,000 euros

MTM Audi R8 V10 Biturbo for sale
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Tuner MTM wants to sell a very special one-off item. It is on the online sales portal mobile.de (>>> z ur advertisement ). Or in 'The Classic Oldtimer Hotel' at Mayer Classic Cars in Ingolstadt - for everyone who doesn't just want to marvel at the one-off on the monitor and is seriously interested in buying.

It's about an Audi R8, which is about to be is unique at first glance. Or to put it even better: This tuned Audi R8 from MTM is a brilliant achievement.

700 hours of manual labor

If you look at the pictures of the sports car in our gallery, you will know what we are talking about. A good three years ago, the MTM technicians first completely stripped the paint from the R8 in a laborious process. In the next step, which, according to MTM, took more than 700 hours, they polished the aluminum of the body in laborious manual work. The result was a high-gloss athlete reminiscent of the Silver Surfer - a film character from the 'Fantastic Four' strip.

But that wasn't all: MTM still partially replaced the plastic applications of the first-generation Audi R8 with carbon or trimmed it with a special lacquer to a high gloss. In addition, the tuner widened the sills, fitted the front with a lip and planted a spoiler on the rear. Everything made of carbon, of course.

MTM now wants to ring the cash register with the rigged Audi R8. 'Price against bid!' Is written in bold under the advertisement. In other words, there is no fixed sales price. But only the minimum amount. That's half a million euros. The tuner is free to choose which bid he accepts.

MTM-R8 in 19.42 seconds to 300 km /h

There is more than just a flashy dress for the big chunk. MTM equipped the R8 with a three-way adjustable special chassis and forged rims rotate in the wheel arches. In the front in the dimensions 9x20, in the back in 12.5x20 inches.

A simple engine update wasn't enough either. Instead of the V10 aspirator, the tuner put the ten-cylinder biturbo from the RS6 with 4,991 cm³ displacement behind the seats. With a major performance upgrade, of course. MTM made 580802 PS and the V10 has 892 Nm on the crankshaft. This also required a reinforced six-speed gearbox with a different translation.

3.0 /9.37 /19.42 seconds: This is how MTM shows the sprint times of the murderous R8 from zero to 100, 200 and 300 km /h. The biturbo sports car can only be slowed down by air resistance beyond 350 km /h. And in an emergency, bring brake discs with a diameter of 380 mm (front and rear) to a standstill, which eight-piston calipers bite into.

The driver and front passenger clamp themselves in carbon bucket seats. They are lined with leather in Magnolia Red. As well as the center console, handbrake, interior door panels, the dashboard and the steering wheel.

In our picture gallery we show you the funky Audi R8 from MTM, which, by the way, is street legal despite the reflective outer skin.


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