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MPM PS160: out for the cheap French sports car

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M PM Motors was founded in 2010 and pursued the dream of one in France built sports car and an affordable one. In January 2016, MPM Motors was able to open its first production facility near Paris. In 2017, the MPM PS160 was the first model to be launched in France. And that for the competitive price of 8,500 euros.

In December 2020, the car manufacturer reports the end of the brand. Due to a lack of funds, MPM had to file for bankruptcy. An insolvency administrator will take over from December 10th. A buyer is being sought, but it is assumed that the company will be liquidated. The bankruptcy estate also includes prototypes of two SUV models and a sedan. With the end of MPM, 200 employees will lose their jobs. Further customer support can also be guaranteed.

Space frame and Mitsubishi engine in the MPM PS160

The four-door sports coupé has a flat roof and a tall rear.

Review on the first MPM model: The MPM PS160 has its origins in Russia. In 2012, the PS160 was launched there as Aquila Tagaz by Doninvest under the direction of Mikhail Paramonov. However, financial problems brought production to a standstill. Oleg Paramonov, son of the company founder, shipped the car project to France and is trying a new start here.

The concept of the MPM PS160 is based on a tubular space frame that can be produced easily, cheaply and quickly, as well as body parts made of composite materials. The MPM PS160 is presented as a 4.68 meter long, 1.86 meter wide and only 1.38 meter high four-door sports coupé. The wheelbase is given as 2.75 meters. The easy oneThe structure of the PS160 reduces the empty weight of the four-door car to 1,225 kilograms.

The nose of the PS160 crouches low on the road, the powerfully shaped front wheel arches are followed by flat A-pillars and a cabin set far forward. In a flat, gentle curve, the roofline flows into a high rump. The side windows look small, the rear entrances narrow.

When it comes to the drive, the French rely on a four-cylinder gasoline engine from the Mitsubishi shelf. The 1.6-liter unit has an output of 106 hp and is classified according to Euro 6. This is combined with a manual five-speed gearbox and front-wheel drive. As a counterpart MPM mounts 255 disc brakes all around.

Bargain price only for pre-series models

The interior of the MPM PS160 looks a bit old-fashioned, but functional.

For the standard equipment of the MPM PS160 These include 18-inch alloy wheels, sports seats, air conditioning, heated exterior mirrors, driver airbags, an MP3 radio, LED daytime running lights, fog lights, electric windows and ABS. The makers are aware that the quality does not meet western standards. Nevertheless, there is a guarantee for three years or 100,000 kilometers.

The color selection is colorful. There is a choice of seven solid colors, which can also be combined with one another in two-tone finishes if required.

The basic price of 8,500 euros only applies to the first batch of pre-production models. The later series models are then priced at 12,990 euros. Should the PS160 be a success, the four-door model should be followed by an SUV.


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