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Motorway tolls in France: Toll stations are eliminated

France is dismantling the toll stations on its motorways. In the future, vehicles will be recorded electronically while driving and will be asked to pay.

Toll stations on French motorways regularly slow down traffic. This sometimes leads to long waiting times for drivers and also pollutes the environment with emissions from the slow-moving traffic. The area taken up by toll stations should not be neglected either. For the future, our neighbors are counting on improved traffic flow and forgoing the forced stop at the toll station.,

Scanners replace toll booths

But that doesn't mean that driving on the French motorways will be free of charge. In the future, vehicles will be identified by scanning and the toll will be calculated electronically. For this purpose, bridge scaffolding equipped with readers is being erected along the motorway. This technology is based on the so-called télépéage already in use by regular users of French motorways, the debiting of the toll fees via an electronic recording of the vehicle. The corresponding reading device is located behind the windshield and is still recorded when driving through the toll station. In the future, this should also be possible at full speed. Anyone who only uses the Autobahn occasionally can also register online with their vehicle number plate and allow automatic debiting, because the scanners also record the number plates of the vehicles. In addition, it should be possible to pay afterwards within 72 hours via the website of the motorway operator or in tobacconists. The new system also records the vehicle type and its emission class for the tariff classification.,

Since French motorway operators have so far only had access to registration data for vehicles registered in France, the new system will initially only be installed on routes that hardly have to deal with tourist traffic. In the case of foreign number plates, the question is still open as to how toll offenders can be prosecuted.

The operators underline the potential of the new system with the following figures. On the route via the A13/A14 from Paris to Normandy alone, there should be 1.7 million hours less waiting every year, around 9.5 million liters of fuel saved and thus 30,000 tons of CO2 emissions eliminated. Further motorway sections are to follow successively. However, the modernization of the payment system is paid for by the customers via a toll increase.,


In the future, France will be using a motorway toll system without toll stations. This should increase the flow of traffic and thus reduce time and emissions. How foreign users are asked to pay doesn't seem to have been fully thought out yet.


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