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Motor vehicle insurance: branded policies under the microscope

Motor vehicle insurance
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S e since customer loyalty is very popular with car manufacturers, they always will more creative. The current trend is to combine financing or leasing offers with insurance packages.

Behind the offers are insurance companies

Together with the rate for the car, you then pay a surcharge for the liability and comprehensive insurance. But is it worth it for the customer if the automaker also acts as an insurance company? In principle, the conditions do not differ from those of the free providers. As a rule, it is not the manufacturer who is behind it, but an insurance company. The policy for Ford owners comes from the Garanta, those for Mercedes customers from HDI Directly. In this way, the insurance companies are increasing their market shares and, in return, granting car manufacturers favorable conditions, which in turn largely pass them on to customers. However, cheap does not necessarily mean cheap, because Mercedes and Co. do not want to compete with the bargain offers of some direct insurers.

Mercedes reimburses the new price even after 18 months

In terms of price, they are in the middle, as the evaluation shows. The main advantages are in the scope of services. Take Mercedes, for example: Even the standard car insurance from the Stuttgart-based company reimburses the new price of the vehicle even after 18 months in the event of a total loss. The Plus version even extends this protection to a full four years - with Ford it is two, with VW one and a half years. In comparison, the tariffs of the free providers with an average replacement value compensation that is only valid for twelve months appear relatively stingy. However, the car manufacturers usually link their generosity to the condition that they order a new vehicle from the brand again. After all, Ford, for example, covers any price increases in the event of model changes.

The differences between the insurance companies are in the details

The scope of services differs between the manufacturers specifically in detail. In contrast to Ford, Mercedes and VW do withoutto curtail the benefits caused by gross negligence. In the event of accidents with animals, Volkswagen limits its liability to hair game, cattle, sheep, horses and goats, while Ford and Mercedes bear the follow-up costs in the event of collisions with any type of animal. In principle, the manufacturer's insurance is open to every driver of the corresponding brands, regardless of whether the car was paid for in cash or financed. But the manufacturers lure all those who order the insurance as a component of a financing with high discounts of up to 15 percent.

In the event of a claim, the contributions often remain the same

In addition, these tariffs hold considerable savings potential. After all, it is often flat rates that do not take into account the no-claims discount or the regional class. This is how you pay for a Mercedes A leasing at Mercedes -Class a month surcharge of 29 euros for fully comprehensive insurance. Many customers particularly appreciate the constant insurance costs over the entire credit period. This often also applies in the event of damage, which otherwise drives the contributions up significantly. A claim report only comes into play again when the provider changes. In order to get around this, many drivers remain loyal to the old brand. Successful customer loyalty for the manufacturer.


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