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Motor Klassik trial weekend: excursion for fans without their own classic car

Beate Jeske
Motor Classic Taster Weekend
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D he idea still sounds very straightforward: classic car enthusiasts who So far, they haven't been able to bring themselves to buy a classic, to offer an enjoyable oldie ride - after all, trying is more important than studying, and the appetite comes with the food, so to speak, even when driving a classic car.

22 classic cars roll over the most beautiful streets of the Black Forest

The cornerstones of the 'Operation Trial Weekend' served well-established names: The northern Black Forest near Stuttgart art offers countless kilometers of wonderful little streets that invite you to wander around vintage cars. The four-star Hotel Sonnenbühl in Wart near Altensteig not only has extensive underground garages for carefree parking of vintage cars of all values, but also delights with its delicious buffet cuisine, its refreshments, cozy rooms and one in the area of ​​sales manager Marianne Kilgus trained brigade of subservient spirits.

The classics made available to try out were found in the extensive pool of the Retro Promotion: Chef Karl-Ulrich Herrmann not only organizes the Stuttgart classic car fair 'Retro Classics' and the Concours d'Elégance in Ludwigsburg, but also numerous incentives -Events at which he provides enthusiasts without their own classic car one to drive themselves.

Large selection of classics

For the taster weekend on July 3rd and 4th, the following models were waiting for the classic car eleven: three Triumph TR 6 (1972), two Triumph Stag (1971), an MG Midget (1973), an MG GT (1972), an Alfa Spider (1973), a DKW 1000 (1063), a Lancia Beta 2000 Spider (1978), a Porsche 914 (1972), a Ford Mustang (1968), a Ford Mustang Mach I (1972), a Fiat 1500 Spider (1966), a Fiat 124 (1974), a Fiat X1 /9 (1982), a Peugeot 203 A (1949), a Porsche 911 S. (1967), a Mercedes-Benz 230 SL (1965), a Mercedes-Benz 280 S (1971), a Mercedes-Benz 350 SL (1972), a Jensen Healey (1973) and a Chevrolet Corvette (1981). A Sunbeam Alpine and a Lancia Montecarlo were parked in Wart as a silent reserve.

Some of the 22 teams who registered for 475 euros including accommodation and classics came from far away, for example from Oldenburg, Lübeck, Berlin and Austria. However, they were not left unprepared for classics. After the briefing there was a practical briefing on onesmall handling course, and the opening and closing of the convertible roofs was practiced. As a safety measure in the event of a breakdown, there were the telephone numbers of the technical rescuers on board, Uli Rothmund from Retro Promotion and Holger Schäberle, who works full-time as a Peugeot dealer.

Black Forest specialties: sausage, ham and hard liquor

On Saturday the route led from Wart via Martinsmoos, Simmersfeld, Seewald, Klosterreichenbach, Baiersbronn, Looch, Tannenfels and Obertal on the Black Forest Hochstraße, then via Oppenau, Ramsbach and Oberkirch to Ödsbach. There, in the rustic Unter-Heuberg distillery, Georg Halter dined on all the specialties the country has to offer: sausage, ham, cheese. In addition, Halter offers around 40 self-distilled fruit spirits to take away as bedtime treats after the trip, from Braeburn apples to strawberry schnapps. Enjoyable at any time, just not while driving.

The route then led back to Wart via Ibach, Hohbrück, Bad Peterstal, Wilde, Kniebis, the Alexanderschanze, Freudenstadt and Igelsberg. On the second day, the task was to master a loop with the stations Altensteig, Pfalzgrafenweiler, Dornstetten, Freudenstadt, Losburg, Alpirsbach, Dornhan, Eutingen and Nagold. Meals were taken in Hochdorf, in the Brauereigasthof Krone, where vintage car drivers are always welcome and can enjoy a meal from regional to international depending on their taste.

No difficulties operating and driving the classics

How did the 22 teams cope with the classic car experience in the Black Forest? Extremely talented, apparently. If there had been a certificate at the end of the trial weekend, all classic crews would have been awarded full old-timer maturity, without any restrictions. Neither the short-term rain showers with the then necessary closing of the top nor the maneuvering of the classics caused significant difficulties.

No engine had to believe in it, no clutch and no brake were celebratory; The fact that the fuel pump in the Alfa went on strike and a TR suppressed its ignition spark remained justifiable training units of a realistic classic trip.

Before buying their own classic, some drivers just wanted to be absolutely sure that they had chosen the right car, and if there was demand for certain models on the trial weekend, they would Triumph TR 6 and Ford Mustang stocks will soon be in high demand.

Participant Carsten Becker, on the road in the Triumph Stag and in the MG Midget, sums up his impressions for the majority of participants as follows: “A great idea, so to offer a weekend. The routes in the Black Forest were ... a lot of fun for us and had their charms. A great weekend for friends and newcomers to oldtimers. ”
For a repetition of theThe entry-level event is not just about the positive experience that Motor Klassik was able to gain at the premiere. There are also the inquiries: More than 80 other teams would have liked to take part, but had to be turned down for capacity reasons. As soon as a new trial weekend is planned, you will find out everything you need to register in the classic car magazine Motor Klassik and at www.motor-klassik.de.


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