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Motor Klassik 02/2010: New issue - Motor Klassik edition 02/2010

Motor Klassik
Motor Klassik 02/2010
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Z wolf cylinders, a prototype, a fair star and a beetle in the service of the Foreign Office - Motor Klassik Edition 02/2010 has some surprises in store again.

Cover story - Wedge messengers: Ferrari 512 TR and Lamborghini Countach 5000 S with purchase advice
They are among the fastest and most exciting sports cars money could buy - the Lamborghini Countach 5000 S and Ferrari 512 TR. Two hot red cars in full speed.

Driving reports

Too good to tip over: Alfa Romeo Giulia Spider prototype
In 1963, Alfa Romeo expanded the equation 'Coupés from Bertone, convertibles from Pininfarina' by the factor Centro Stile: In-house designer Ernesto Cattoni created an exciting prototype with the Giulia Spider.

Cheaper by the dozen: Inexpensive twelve-cylinder from BMW, Ferrari, Jaguar and Mercedes
High maintenance, repair prices close to current value and fading fame make these four twelve-cylinder special offers. A good Ferrari 400 is already available for 25,000 euros, a decent Jaguar XJ-S costs 8,000, a Mercedes 600 and BMW 750 get in at 5,000.

Country specialty: Simca 1301 Spécial with purchase advice
France's answer to the compact sports sedans from Alfa Romeo, BMW and Fiat were the Simca 1501 and 1301 Spécial. They shone with their design and fine equipment, less with classy engines.


Restoration: The original -Type - Jaguar E-Type Coupé Exhibition Car Geneva 1961
The star of the 1961 Geneva Motor Show was the Jaguar E-Type, which was presented for the first time. A Geneva Coupé that had remained undiscovered for 38 years was restored to its original condition from 1961 during the restoration.

Service station (37): Institut Français: Renault Alpine A 310 V6
Anyone planning to buy an Alpine A 310 should look for workshops that are familiar with the philosophy and technology of the French car.

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Cars that you won't forget (38): Concerto Grosso - Klaus Westrup on the Lamborghini Espada 400 GT
Since Klaus Westrup has been writing about cars in auto motor und sport for 40 years. For Motor Klassik, he remembers today an Italian beauty, the Lamborghini Espada 400 GT.

Point of view of Fritz B. Busch: The advantages of a front seat bench
Fritz B. Busch has been writing about automobiles for more than half a century - and about the people who drive them. This time he remembers a piece of automotive furniture that has long since gone out of fashion - the front bench.

Glass-clear proof: a puzzle about Silver Arrow paintwork solved
The doubts about the story about the Silver Arrows, which were stripped of paint in 1934, seem to be unfounded: Zoltán Glass photographed the painted W 25 Mercedes-Benz at the Eifel race.

Art of the hour: Portrait - restorer Gundula Tutt
The patina is becoming enormously important in the classic car scene. But there is a lack of practicable concepts for maintaining authentic surfaces - a topic that Gundula Tutt is intensively concerned with.

The enthusiast: A VW Beetle in the diplomatic service around the world
Als For the last 22 years, you have only met Gerhard Fuß as a foreign service employee, for example in South Africa, Trinidad or Peru - but never without his Beetle.

Over 2,200 classic car prices, news from international auctions, test drives, classified ads, annual content for 2009


Street sweeper: Driving report Alfa Romeo T 33/2 Stradale
Never before has thoroughbred racing technology been packaged as excitingly as in 1967 with the T33 Stradale: The V8 mid-engine racing sports car with street legal approval is considered by many to be the most beautiful Alfa of all time.

Strong performance: German participants in the extreme rally Le Jog
The rally Le Jog is still considered the ultimate endurance test - in the meantime More and more German teams are also finding favor. In 2009, the bold guests from the mainland even received some of the most desirable trophies.

Cars in this edition

- Alfa Romeo Giulia Spider
- Alfa Romeo Tipo 33/2 Stradale
- BMW 750i
- BMW 2002 Coupé
- Ferrari 512 TR
- Ferrrari 400i Automatic
- Jaguar XJ-S V12
- Jaguar E- Type
- Lamborghini Countach 5000 S
- Lamborghini Espada 400 GT
- Mercedes-Benz 300 CE-24
- Mercedes-Benz 300 SE (W 126)
- Mercedes-Benz 600 SEL
- Porsche 912
- Renault Alpine A 310 V6
- Simca 1301 Spécial
- VW 1200 L


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